Save Afghanistan

Films Selected for Imagineindia 2022

My Childhood My Country (Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi) Great Britain

From Door to Door (Rohit Khaitan) India

Stateless (Mustafa Aydin) Turkey


Dear Friends,

 We hope this email finds you healthy and well.

 We are writing you this urgent letter as all the foreign forces have left Afghanistan and meanwhile, the Taliban is re-occupying all parts of Afghanistan within a very short period of time. Unfortunately, the Taliban cruelly kills people and above all, the artists and journalists. The international governments have just prioritised to save the lives of their local translators and their families, however, no one cares about the Afghan independent filmmakers who already made critical films against the Taliban during all these past years. We do believe these filmmakers’ lives are in serious danger and the world film community should take an immediate action to save them.

 The obvious and terrifying fact is that the extremist Taliban recently took control of many districts and they firstly target the local media, torturing and killing the media people and artists brutally.

 The time is very short and we hope, we could, through your assistance, help these filmmakers and take them out of Afghanistan immediately, before it’s too late. They need to take political asylum and we are aware of the long bureaucratic  procedure of such requests, however, invitations to arrange their entry visas are the easiest and best solution in this phase. Please kindly do consider this as an urgent matter and try to assist these filmmakers the soonest.

 We thank you very much for your kind attention and look forward to hearing from you.

 With respect and friendship,


Colorless (Hamid Mandgar) Afghanistan

Here is Afghanistan (Khadim Hussain Byhnam) Afghanistan

Life Among War Flags (Mohsen Eslamzadeh) Iran

7 Veils (Sepideh Farsi)  France

Mullah,s Daughter (Hassan Solhjoo, Mahdieh Sadat)  Great Britain

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