Films selected for Imagineindia 2021 (Completed)

Sonsi (Savita Singh) India

An Island in the Continent (Juan Pablo Miquirray) Mexico

Gujiga (Sunjha Kim) South Korea

Films selected for Imagineindia 2020

Sisters of The Trees (Camila Menéndez)  Argentina

River Silence (Rogerio Soares)  Brazil

We are the Rovers (Antonin Michaud Soret)  France

Echilibru (Eve Cerubini, Victor Jullien, Jerome Fatalot)  France

Murghab (Daler Kaziev, Martin Saxer, Marlen Elders)  Germany

Moti Bagh (Nirmal Chander)  India (PSBT)

King of Beasts (Tomer Almagor, Nadav Harel)  Israel

Sea is Shaking (Nikita Tuzov)  Russia

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