Stateless (Mustafa Aydin) Turkey

Mustafa Aydin
Turkey. 2021. 13 min

He is foreign to his own language and identity, he is a migrant traveler. They do not belong to where they came from, nor to this land. They are stateless, homeless, landless people. We are witnessing the tragic journey of hope travelers who walked for days without food or water to come to Turkey from Afghanistan.


Mustafa Aydın was born in 1998 in a remote village in eastern Turkey. After completing his primary school in the village, he moved to boarding for his secondary and high school education. After making his first short film in high school, he became interested in cinema and completed his university education in the faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Cinema Department, in Selcuk University Konya. He produced and directed his first short film called “Mesai”, of documentary genre. While continuing his university education in Konya; He has undertaken duties such as acting, camera assistant, reporter and editing in television channels as well in national and international film productions. The radio programs, television news and short films he produced has received awards in various competitions.