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Bangla Surf Girls (Elizabeth D Costa) Canada, Bangladesh

Bangla Surf Girls
Elizabeth D Costa
Canada, Bangladesh. 2021. 86 min

Shobe, Aisha and Suma break away from the drudgery of their lives by joining a surf club in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The girls fight family pressure and social judgement, for a few hours on the waves each day and gain confidence as their natural skill and prowess gains attention and praise. The joy and freedom of the waves are a stark change from the abuse and hardship they face at home. Soon they are poised to make history as Bangladesh’s first women surfers. However the fate of the club itself hangs on the leadership of the coach who has his own challenges. The odds stack up but the girls refuse to give up. .Balancing the freedom of the waves with the restrictive realities of their circumstances, we experience the thrill and struggle of coming-of-age in a developing country.

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Tarlan (Yuliya Zakharova) Kazakhstan

Yuliya Zakharova
Kazakhstan. 2021. 75 min

The story of one sincere and eternal friendship; growing up of a lonely boy and a lonely foal.
After various ups and downs that occurred in Zakir’s family, the boy realizes that there is no one closer to him than the foal, to whom the name Tarlan is given by him. Zakir, who is not understood by his parents, is mocked by his peers, feels lonely and finds a kindred spirit and best friend in Tarlan. Zakir does not give up and believes that his new friend will someday bring him good luck.
The grown-up Zakir and Tarlan have a goal to win at their first races.
At what cost will a teenager’s dream come true?

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Asia (Ruthy Pribar) Israel

Ruthy Pribar
Israel. 2020. 85 min

Asia,s motherhood has always been more of a struggle than an instinct. Having had his daughter when she was still a teenager marked her relationship with Vika from the beginning. Although they live together, both barely have contact with each other. Asia is now concentrating on her job as a nurse, while her daughter spends the day with her friends at the skate park. This routine changes drastically when Vika’s health begins to deteriorate. At that time, Asia must become the mother her daughter desperately needs. Her illness ends up becoming a unique opportunity to reflect the love that unites this small family.

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Noria (Elisabet Terri) Spain

Elisabet Terri
Spain. 2021. 13 min

Simon suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to communicate with Valeria, a deaf-mute girl who regularly visits the same lonely beach as he does.
Simon loves to search for lost treasures with the help of his metal detector, and is fascinated by Ferris wheels, although he has never been on one. Valeria would like to be able to get off the one that afflicts her heart.

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Bad Egg (Mehak Jamal) India

Bad Egg
Mehak Jamal
India. 2022. 28 min

Zoya receives a disturbing call from her mother – her sister Zara has gone missing during the pandemic. Surprisingly, Zoya isn’t rattled enough. She’s hiding something, all of which leads back to the fateful night of a party. Throughout the film, Zoya interacts with her surroundings as if she’s re-calibrating to them. As the plot unravels, so does she. In this story, appearances can be very deceiving.

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Libya, No Escape from Hell (Sara Creta) France

Libya, No Escape from Hell
Sara Creta
France. 2021. 60 min

Libya, No Escape From Hell is an eye opener on the migrants’ reality in Libya but also on the horrific machine that has been set up and the scale of those responsible for the situation that take advantage of European policies.

​The detention centres in Libya where thousands of migrants await in inhuman conditions for someone – the militia, Europe, the UN – to decide what their fate should be, are at the heart of this documentary. If officially, detention centres are run by the UN-recognised government in Tripoli, in reality they are in the hands of militias that control the country and see in migrants a ready source of cash by kidnapping and torturing them.

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Funny Boy (Deepa Mehta) Canada. Official Section

Funny Boy
Deepa Mehta
Canada. 2020. 109 min

Shot on location and set in Sri Lanka in the 1970s and 80s, FUNNY BOY explores the awakening of sexual identity by a young boy named Arjie set against the backdrop of the civil war. As political tensions escalate to a boiling point between the minority Tamils and the majority Sinhalese, the boy comes of age in a society and family that refuses to embrace differences outside of societal norms. The film mirrors the oppression of the Tamil people with the marginalization Arjie suffers because of who he is and who he loves. FUNNY BOY chronicles a country torn apart by fear and abuse of power, while Arjie’s struggles to find balance and self-love despite the absence of empathy and understanding.

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Report (Sarjun KM, Twiinkle Saaj) India

Sarjun KM, Twiinkle Saaj
India. 2022. 20 min

Yashika experiences various versions of herself redoing an incident, over and over again in her head to comprehend what actually transpired. Human complexities are revealed as we see her recount different, subjective, alternative, selfserving, and contradictory versions of the same incident.
But which one is real? It is her journey against the patriarchal society and seeking justice as well as mental peace, her way.

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