Eastwood Agency

Films selected for Imagineindia 2022

Plumber (Anna Ozar, Pavel Emelin) Russia


Eastwood Agency is a new emerging film promotion agency based in Moscow. It was founded in March 2019 by 3 partners, and established a catalogue of more than 200 film titles, mostly from Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. The films line up consists of different types of movies: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, VR-projects and web-serials. Eastwood Agency pays special attention to work with students and up-and-coming directors by promoting their movies to international film festivals. It cooperates with students and graduates of the major film schools in Russia: Moscow Film School, Moscow Film School of New Cinema, S.F. Bondarchuk Russian Film School, Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov (VGIK), St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television etc.  In 2020 Eastwood Agency officially partnered with VOSTOK — the first Russian distribution company focused on the international sales of Russian short films. The promotion of Russian cinema is a paramount purpose. We see our mission as it is to contribute into the integration of Russian films into the global film industry, to overcome the inertness of the inner market, and more widely — to change cinema mentality.


Films selected for Imagineindia 2021

Zeitnot (Varvara Faer) Russia

Soup (Inga Sukhorukova) Russia

The Dependents (Alexandra Orekhova) Russia

Films selected for Imagineindia 2020

Sea is Shaking (Nikita Tuzov)  Russia

The Abode. Who are we? (Eleonora Tukhareli)  Russia

Mother (Aleksandr Myskin)  Russia

Dummy (Nikita Vlasov)  Russia

Bagatelle (Daniel Levin)  Russia, USA

Window (Evgeniy Milykh)  Russia

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