Colorless (Hamid Mandgar) Afghanistan

Hamid Mandgar
Afghanistan. 2019. 7 min

Narges was a girl who had a passion for dancing, and whenever she danced, her brother beat him,Narges still did not stop dancing. My brother continues to beat her until one day Zia, Narges’ brother, realizes that Narges is dancing for her mother, and this surprises Zia and stops beating her.


Abdul hamid mandgar Afghan filmmaker he directed 5 short film he awarded 5 international and national a award.


I think cinema has the power to establish humanity in societies.
Cinema is the only visual language among all the people of the world. I try to show harmony, humanity to the people of the world with films of peace, I believe in the cinema revolution and I am happy to be a filmmaker. My style of work is minimal, I think it gives me the opportunity to decide with my frames about the people in my film, minimal is the only style that catches the eye sooner.
In fact, minimalism is the style that attracts the most attention, and I call my style minimalism alone.
For me, art is more valuable than the message. I think when I can convey my message strongly that it has good art, so before the content, style, form is more important to me.