ZAINAB ENTEZAR (Afghanistan)


I am Zainab Entezar, a graduate of journalism، I’m master in public managment . My main activities have been in the field of writing and cinema, which has resulted in a story book and writing several screenplays and directing in cinema.
I wrote and directed short film , “The Mosque for rent”, “The House”, “Lack” and “Bicycle” and also acted in this film.
I write two novels(A man ware gentle like dad.), (Yusra.)

My films officially selected in more 100 different festivals in the world <Germany, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, USA, Italy and so on. I won Award of best emerging storyteller Imagine this Women international film festival.
I was active in civil society and worked for three years as the head of the Women’s Committee in the New Thought Youth Organization.
I was selected as one of the top 100 women in Afghanistan
I’m the first and only woman to make a film under Taliban rule.
My new book is currently being translated into five languages.


• Scrip supervisor of Doll short movie.
• Director of Bawar short movie. (mobile film)
• Writer and director in Mariam short movie.
• Camera woman in Mariam short movie
• Writer and director of short movie. (110 sec)
• Writer and director Lack short movie.
• Writer and director House short movie.
• Writer, director and actor of Bicycle short movie.
• Writer, director and Camerawomen the Mosque for rent documentary.
• Writer and director of Close short movie.
• Actress in Pa Berehne movie.
• Writing for magazine for 4 years.
• Camerawoman in jahan TV
• Camera woman in zan TV
• Journalist in Tasawi Organization for 6 months.
• Assistant director in Jamila movie.
• Scrip supervisor in Jamila movie.
• Scrip supervisor in Shahrbanoo movie.
• Photographer in Afghan film organization for 2 years.
• Production manager in 14 hours movie shooting.
• Program Manager in Young Education Center
• Producer of When God take your hands movie.
• 3 years Boss of Communication committee in Noandish Afghan youth civil organization
• Writer of When God take your hands.
• Director of When God take your hands movie.
• Writer of novel A man ware gentle like dad.
• Writer of novel Yusra.
• Producer, director and designer in Zan TV
• Manager of Soraya beauty complex
• Director and advisor in Zohal production.
• Edit God Film
• Camera woman in a fauture Documentry
Camerawoman of God film