From Door To Door (Rohit Khaitan) India

From Door to Door
Rohit Khaitan
India. 2022. 45 min

The film is a human story of displacement, refuge, dreams, reality, success, failure, resilience, challenges, co-incidences and life altering experiences. Dar-Badar is a Farsi and Urdu word also used in Hindi. It literally means ‘Door to Door’ and used to signify someone who has no Home, one who is roaming one place to another, hoping for a Refuge. In simple words- Homeless or Displaced. It’s a story of two strangers displaced from home, who meet in a foreign city which is nobody’s home. A story lived through the travelling eyes of an Afghan driver displaced from his motherland and an Indian actor searching for his identity, how history, art and cinema brings them together leaving an ever lasting impact on each other before they bid good bye.


From Door to Door is a debut feature mid length film by Debutante Rohit Khaitan as a director. Although Rohit Khaitan has produced and distributed films which have been in official selections at various A grade international film festivals like Festival De Cannes, Venice, TIFF and others. Rohit has also served Balaji Motion Pictures Limited in capacity of creative producer in 2009-10 and NFDC as supervising producer in the year 2010-2011 where he was in charge of films like Indian European co-production ‘Qissa’ starring Irrfan, National award winning Gujrati language film ‘The Good Road’ “He’ directed by Mangesh Joshi and ‘TGIYB’ and others.

Rohit’s own home production independent short ‘Lehenga’ inspired by true story of a Gandhian family directed by Richa Srivastava was selected in ‘court-mètrage’ section at Festival De Cannes-2012, New Jersey International Film Festival and his Critically acclaimed feature film ‘Prague’ which he conceptualized and produced was officially selected in competition section at 12th Osian’s Cinefan, Tashkent International Film Festival (Organized by the Govt. of Uzbekistan), Jagran Film Festival in Finals competition, Berlin and Prague Indian Film Festival. Most recently Rohit has distributed ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ Children film ‘Notebook’ by National award-winning Nitin Kakkar, under license from YRF UK and English language film ‘Hotel Mumbai’ in cinemas in Sweden. Rohit has also produced Hindi plays ‘Do Deewane Shaher Mein’ based on Shakespeare’s Romantic Comedy ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ in 2017 to mark 400th death anniversary of Bard and opened at India Habitat, Sri Ram Center New Delhi, Epicenter Gurgaon and various performing arts center in overseas. This is Rohit’s debut film which features known actor Chandan Roy Sanyal, debutante afghan-dutch actor Shoaib Ahmed Lodin and 4 times national award-winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar. From Door to Door is produced in collaboration with Shams Media from Afghanistan, Salp Films from Holland and Kartina Entertainment.


From Door to Door is an emotionally driven drama revolving around two artists who meet as strangers in Amsterdam (Netherlands) both having things in common – love for art, cinema and Indian movies. It is a fictional tale inspired by true events. It is a human story of displacement, Refuge, dreams, reality, success, failure, resilience, challenges, co-incidences and life altering experiences. The story takes us through the life experiences of Shoaib (An afghan pastoon) who is displaced from his motherland, comes to Netherlands to seek refuge and save his life from the war-torn Afghanistan. He is an ardent fan and admirer of Indian cinema. He wishes to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor, comes to Mumbai to try his hands in acting and due to immigration rules and ill fate and his hard-earned savings running out he has to return to Holland where he becomes a private taxi driver. He meets a stranger one night in his taxi on the streets on Amsterdam who he realizes to be a famous Bollywood actor played by Chandan Roy Sanyal. The two strangers meet unexpectedly, co-incidentally and become friends as the boundary between the two diminishes and they both inspire each other which helps them both as individual humans and artists.