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Films selected for Imagineindia 2021 (Completed)

Borderlands (Samarth Mahajan) India

Saroj Dutta and His Times (Kasturi Basu, Mitali Biswas)  India

Testimony of Ana (Sachin Dheeraj) India

Life Among War Flags (Mohsen Eslamzadeh) Iran

The Marriage Project (Atiye Attarzadeh/Hesam Eslami) Iran

A Fish Tale (Emmanuelle Mayer) Israel

An Island in the Continent (Juan Pablo Miquirray) Mexico

Zumiriki (Óskar Alegría) Spain

Radio Silence (Juliana Fanjul) Switzerland, Mexico

Khutsiev, Action Starts (Peter Shepotinnik)  Russia

Shaman (Andrey Osipov) Russia

Reboiras, Action and Heart (Alberte Mera) Spain

Accept The Call (Eunice Lau) USA

Gloves Off (Nadine Natour, Ugonna Okpalaoka) USA

Radical Love (William Kirkley) USA

Films selected for Imagineindia 2020

Sisters of The Trees (Camila Menéndez / Lucas Peñafort) Argentina

River Silence (Rogério Soares) Canada

7 Veils (Sepideh Farsi)  France

Murghab (Daler Kaziev, Martin Saxer, Marlen Elders)  Germany

Mosley (Michael Shevloff)  Great Britain

For Sama (Waad Al-Khateab, Edward Watts)  Great Britain

Mullah,s Daughter (Hassan Solhjoo, Mahdieh Sadat)  Great Britain

Moti Bagh (Nirmal Chander)  India (PSBT)

Prison Diaries (Uma Chakravarti)  India (PSBT)

Sharmila Tagore (Umang Sabarwal)  India (PSBT)

The Geshema is Born (Malati Rao)  India (PSBT)

Missing Days (Ekta Mittal)  India (PSBT)

A Foreigner in my Own Land (Nishajyoti Sharma)  India  (TISS)

Saroj Dutta and His Times (Kasturi Basu, Mitali Biswas)  India

Kaifinama (Sumantra Ghosal)  India

Objector (Molly Stuart)  Israel

Sea is Shaking (Nikita Tuzov)  Russia

The Abode. Who are we? (Eleonora Tukhareli)  Russia

Behind India, a look through their social movements (Fernando Vera)  Spain

King of Beasts (Tomer Almagor, Nadav Harel)  USA

Films selected for Imagineindia 2019

Masala Chai (Marco Hülser)  Germany

Letters from Kurdistan (Reber Dosky)  Iraq

Purdah (Jeremy Guy)  India, USA

Decoding Shankar (Deepti Pillai Sivan)  India

The Death of Us (Vani Subramanian)  India

India,s Healing Forests (Nitin Das)  India

Tales From Our Childhood (Mukul Haloi)  India

We, the people (Samarth Mahajan)  India

Mrinal Sen, an Era in Cinema (Rajdeep Paul)  India

The Way (Olesya Shigina / Veronica Ponomareva)  Russia / France

Ritwik Ghatak, brilliant and abrasive



Since his death at age fifty in 1976, Ritwik Ghatak has come to be regarded as one of the greatest figures in postwar Indian cinema for his brilliant and abrasive films, which certainly rank among the most revolutionary achievements in contemporary Indian art. Involved from an early age in politics and leave out theater, Ghatak was a member of the Indian Communist Party and regarded Brecht and Eisenstein as his artistic heroes. Consequently, Ghatak’s films wed his activism with rich cultural content, fashioning popular forms – melodrama, songs, dances – into appropriate vehicles for radical political expression. His films are almost all veiled autobiographies.

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Public Service Broadcasting Trust

Films selected for Imagineindia 2021

Prison Diaries (Uma Chakravarti)  India

Sharmila Tagore (Umang Sabarwal)  India

Films selected for Imagineindia 2020

Moti Bagh (Nirmal Chander)  India

The Geshema is Born (Malati Rao)  India

Missing Days (Ekta Mittal) India

Films selected for Imagineindia 2019

Decoding Shankar (Deepti Pillai Sivan)  India

The Death of Us (Vani Subramanian)  India

India,s Healing Forests (Nitin Das)  India

Mrinal Sen, an Era in Cinema (Rajdeep Paul)  India

FILMS SELECTED for Imagineindia 2018

Veil Done (Juhi Bhatt)  India

Ek Inquilab Aur Aaya (Uma Chakravarti)  India

The Sound of Silence (Bina Paul)  India

FILMS SELECTED for Imagineindia 2017 :

Shaadi, Sex aur Parivaar (Aman Kaleem)  India.  (PSBT)

Until Space Remains  (Gaurav Saxena)  India. (PSBT)

The Books We Made  (Anupama Chandra, Uma Tanuku)  India. (PSBT)

Public Service Broadcasting Trust is a pioneering non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation based in New Delhi, India, that commissions, mentors and produces independent documentary films. Founded in 2000, to empower filmmakers, democratise access to the media and encourage the freedom of expression, the unique organisation has supported and nurtured over 500 independent voices and created around 700 documentaries on myriad themes and subjects. Films produced by PSBT have been selected by professional juries at over 1870 film festivals worldwide and received over 330 awards internationally.

PSBT’s mandate includes supporting young and starting out talent and celebrating the regional, geographic and linguistic diversity of a complex nation. It attempts to enhance public discourses on socio-political realities and provides filmmakers the impetus to engage with their art, creativity, politics and philosophies. Its catalogue of films addresses a range of concerns, including development, human rights, conflict, gender and sexuality, livelihood, environment, literature, democracy, diversity, culture and tradition, art and crafts, among others.

PSBT films are telecast every week on the national public broadcaster – Doordarshan – and its associate channels and on other channels such as NDTV24x7, The Epic Channel, Channel 4, BBC, Discovery, Arte and Lok Sabha Television. A large body of PSBT films are available on its YouTube channel PSBTIndia.

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Bauddhayan Mukherji wins Aravindan Puraskaram

Teenkahon Director Wins Aravindan Puraskaram For The Best Debut

Acclaimed ad-film maker and director of Bengali film, Teenkahon, Bauddhayan Mukherji participant at Imagineindia 2015 has bagged the Aravindan Puraskaram for the best debutante director for his film.

The award, instituted by the Chalachitra Film Society, in memory of eminent director G Aravindan, comprises a purse of Rs 25,000, memento and citation, a release said today.
G Aravndan was a multi-faceted artist, multiple National Award winner and the pioneer of parallel cinema in Kerala. His film Kanchan Sita marked the beginning of independent filmmaking in South India.

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Official Section

Films selected for Imagineindia 2021 (Not completed)

Café by the Highway (Xiaofan Shi) China

As I Want (Samaher Alqadi) Egypt, France

Daniel´16 (Dimitris Koutsiabasakos) Greece

God On The Balcony (Biswajeet Bora) India

The Flute (Hari Viswanath) India

Can Neither Stay Here, Nor Journey Beyond (Girish Kasaravalli) India

Charcoal (Esmaeel Monsef) Iran

200 Meters (Ameen Nayfeh) Jordan

Shambala (Artykpay Suyundukov) Kyrgyztan

Second Chance (Marija Dzidzeva) Macedonia

Caged Birds (Oliver Rihs) Switzerland, Germany

Blindfold (Taras Dron) Ukraine


For Sama (Waad Al-Khateab, Edward Watts)  Great Britain

Shindisi (Dito Tsintsadze)  Georgia

Aamis (Bhaskar Hazarika)  India

Biriyaani (Sajin Babu)  India

Gamak Ghar (Achal Mishra)  India

Sir (Rohena Gera)  India

Kadakh (Rajat Kapoor)  India

Castle of Dreams (Reza Mirkarimi)  Iran

A Dark Dark Man (Adilkhan Yerzhanov)  Kazakhstan

Aga,s House (Lendita Zeqiraj)  Kosovo

Summer Survivors (Marija Kavtaradze)  Lithuania

Isaac (Jurgis Matulevicius)  Lithuania

Boluomi (Vera Chen, Kek Huat Lau)  Malaysia, Taiwan

Brotherhood (Pavel Lungin)  Russia

Move The Grave (Seung-O Jeong)  South Korea

The Hive (Eylem Kaftan)  Turkey

One Man Dies a Million Times (Jessica Oreck)  USA


Black Kite (Tarique Qayumi)  Afganistan

The Delegation (Bujar Alimani)  Albania

Identity (Samuel Thivierge)  Canada

In the Shadows (Dipesh Jain)  India

3 Storeys (Arjun Mukerjee)  India

Kia and Cosmos (Sudipto Roy)  India

Kaamyaab (Hardik Mehta)  India

Kedara (Indraadip Das Gupta)  India

Bhayanakam (Jayaraj)  India

Lima  (Harvan Agustriansyah, Lola Amaria, Salahudin Siregar, Adriyanto Dewo, Tika Prameswari)  Indonesia

Appendix (Hossein Namazi)  Iran

Orange Days (Arash Lahooti)  Iran

Daha (Onur Saylak)  Turkey

The Third Wife (Ash Mayfair)  Vietnam



GARMON (Accordion)
Russia. 1934. 66 min. Musical.
Russia.1941. 114 min. History.

These films will be shown at Russian cultural centre in Madrid

IGOR  SAVCHENKO  (1906 – 1950)

Igor Andreyevich Savchenko was a writer and director of films, often cited as one of the great early Soviet filmmakers, alongside Sergei Eisenstein , Vsevolod Pudovkin and Aleksandr Dovzhenko. He is also known for teaching the genius Sergei Parajanov at the famous Russian film school VGIK, also attended by Parajanov’s best friend Mikhail Vartanov.

He studied at the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts. In 1932, he played on the stage and doing performances at the Moscow tram. Since 1931, he served as a film director. In 1934, he staged one of the first Soviet musical comedy “Accordion”, about the life of Komsomol village, where he played the role of a kulak son. The theme of the Civil War in the Ukraine, the heroic past of Ukrainian and Russian peoples formed the sones film “Ballad of Cossack Golota” and the film – the legend “Riders”. He created the monumental folk heroic drama “Bogdan Khmelnitsky” (1941). Struggle of the Ukrainian nation, its freedom-loving tradition of poetic, exciting, colorfully recreated in the film. In 1946 the director returned to his comedic theme, putting one of the first Soviet color feature films “Old vaudeville”. In the picture a special emphasis on the patriotism of the Russian people in the Patriotic War of 1812, and also paid tribute to a popular topic in the postwar year ridiculing the German nation.

Events of the Great Patriotic War devoted to films “Guerrillas in the steppes of Ukraine” (1942) and “Ivan Nikulin – Russian Sailor” (1944). The film “third strike” ( 1948) about the impact of the Third Red Army with battle scenes later criticized as yet another monument to Stalin era. Premature death interrupted the Wizard of historical film “Taras Shevchenko” (1951).  Savchenko – bright, kind of artist, master of monumental paintings – made a great contribution to the development of Soviet cinema. But since the 60s, his films rarely shown at all.

In 1946 the director headed the Institute of Cinematography . Among his students: A. Alov A., B. Naumov, G. S. Gabay, L. Faiziev, F. E. Mironer, Y. N. Ozerov, S. I. Parajanov, M. Khutsiev M., A. Korenev A., A. Zakrevskii, Lev Ivanov, LS Danilov.

Retrospective done with the collaboration of MARLEN KHUTSIYEV.




ASHBAH (Ghosts)
Iran. 2014. Drama
HAMOUN (The Desert)
Iran. 1990. Drama
Iran, 1993. Drama
GAAV (The cow)
Iran. 1969. Drama


Dariush Mehrjui is an Iranian director, screenwriter, producer, and film editor.

Mehrjui was a founding member of the Iranian New Wave movement of the early 1970s.  His second film, Gaav is considered to be the first film of this movement, which also included Masoud Kimiai and Nasser Taqvai. Most of his films are inspired by literature and adapted from Iranian and foreign novels and plays.


BAUDDHAYAN MUKHERJI, a director of the Renaissance

NABALOK  (The Innocent)

Director :  Bauddhayan Mukherji
India. 2014. 51 min.
Cast :  Ananya Sen , Barshan Seal, Suman Mukhopadhyay

Venues :

Spanish Film Institute
17 may Sunday. 20.00

07 may Thursday. 16.00

Spread over 34 years of the Bengali life, Nabalok (The Innocent) the first piece of Teenkahon explores a transgressive facet of a relationship that exceeds the norms of social acceptability.

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I am still. A film by Javier Corcuera

Javier Corcuera
2013. Peru / Spain. 118 min.

Venue :  Centro Cultural Pilar Miró
26 may Tuesday.  19.30

A film about characters, characters who are part of a country. Although the film talks about music and musicians, it is not strictly a musical but rather a reflection on personal stories apparently very far apart, stories that look for one another in a country also immersed in the struggle to find it,s identity.

Ek Hazarachi Note (Shrihari Sathe) Being awarded at IFFI, GOA

Ek Hazarachi Note
Shrihari Sathe
Cast:    Usha Naik, Sandeep Pathak, Shrikant Yadav, Ganesh Yadav, Pooja Nayak
India. 2014.90 min. Drama

Venue :  Spanish Film Institute
24 may Sunday.  19.50

During a political rally in a small village in Maharastra, India, Budhi a poor old woman recieves a largess of several 1000 rupees note from a politician. She goes shopping to the nearby market with her neighbor but fate has other plans for them.

 Shrihari Sathe

Shrihari Sathe is a New York and Mumbai based independent filmmaker and producer. Sathe produced Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s Pervertigo which world premiered at the 2012 Warsaw and Mumbai film festivals and was a part of the 2011 IFP Independent Filmmaker Labs. Sathe’s sophomore production It Felt Like Love world premiered at 2013 Sundance Film Festival and 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam to great reviews. It is available in over 30 countries. Sathe is a 2013 Sundance Institute Creative Producing Fellow and has received fellowships from the HFPA, PGA, IFP, Film Independent, Sundance Institute to name a few.

Sathe attended the 2011 Film Independent Producer’s Lab with Ed Blythe’s Man With Van. He is a Trans Atlantic Partners fellow (2013) and Cannes Producer’s Network fellow (2015). He is a co-producer on Partho Sen-gupta’s Arunoday (Sunrise) which world premiered at the 2014 Busan International Film Festival and Afia Nathanie’s Dukhtar which world premiered at 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Sathe’s feature directorial debut – Ek Hazarachi Note (1000 Rupee Note) won the Special Jury Award and Centenary Award for Best Film at the 2014 International Film Festival of India and has received several other nominations and awards.

Sathe received his BA in Film and Video Studies (High Honors) and Global Media & Culture from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has a MFA-Film degree from Columbia University.