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2000 Songs of Farida (Yolkin Tuychiev) Uzbekistan. Official Section

2000 Songs of Farida
Yolkin Tuychiev
Uzbekistan. 2020. 110 min

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there is civil war in Central Asia. The Emirate and khanates are about to collapse. The civilians live in the deepest fear of their uncertain future and of the imminent arrival of significant numbers of Bolsheviks. But that doesn’t seem to bother Kamil. This old renegade lives far away from … everything: his times, worldly concerns, society, the values of the rich and the poor. He wants something different. He wishes for something else. His only hope is to have a descendant. But time is a relentless persecutor. He brings a new young wife home as his other wives were unable to give him an heir. Tension inevitably appears.

“This film is neither a historical epic (…) nor a foray into my ethnic background, but the exploration of real life, real people, their reality, dignity and truth. That truth seems to flow out through time, grows and goes beyond the borders of history, mentality, nationality and race in order to reach a real sense of humanity. And as for me – the art of motion pictures is the best way to remember, comprehend and hope that we all are human beings in the flow of time.” Yolkin Tuychiev.


Yolkin Tuychiev was born in 1977. He is graduated from the Art Institute of Tashkent and from School of Directing of Moscow. En 2004, he co-directed The Tulip in the Snow with A. Chakhobiddinov, presented at the Cannes International Film Festival. In Vesoul, The Source won the Jury’s Special Mention in 2007, and P.S. the Golden Cyclo in 2011.


1999 : February
2003 : Tulip in the snow
2004 : Adolescent
2006 : The Source
2008 : Silence
2012 : Afg’on
2012 : Dunyo
2015 : House of mermaids
2016 : Ma’suma
2020 : 2000 Songs of Farida



Breaking The Silence (Isabelle Vang, Pawel Lisiak) France

Breaking The Silence
Isabelle Vang, Pawel Lisiak
France. 2020. 65 min

When I was a teenager, I would ask my parents questions about their past. “Why did you run away from Laos? Why did you choose France?” Silence. “That’s the past. We have to forget it,” my father would answer. I was helpless as his reply was like a slap in the face. I was an adult when I discovered I had an elder sister while flipping through a photograph album. It was the face of a child. She had died during the turmoil of the Vietnam War. Nobody had ever spoken to me about her. After this revelation, I decided to go and pick up the lost threads of the history of my parents and that of thousands of other Hmong immigrants. I invited my father to come on a journey to Laos. He accepted to follow me and go back to the country he left 40 years ago. Today, at last, my father feels ready to talk.

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Friend (Andrey Svetlov) Russia, Belarus

Andrey Svetlov
Russia, Belarus. 2021. 20 min

“Friend” is a movie about two warring school students. One of them dreams of a new smartphone, the other of a simple friendship. By chance, they find themselves in a common predicament from which they will have to get out. It’s a rich, day-long story spiced with chases, childish adventurism and light humour.


Andrey Svetlov was born on 31-07-1994 in Irkutsk, Russia. Graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Currently, works as a film director.



Fortune (Anatoly Tarabrin) Russia

Anatoly Tarabrin
Russia. 2021. 19 min

Scriptwriter Sergey hasn’t gotten paid for his work for a long time. His wife gets furious and makes a scene, but Sergey unexpectedly gets a million rubles on the card. The wife is happy, Sergey feels like a hero. But while his wife is planning how to spend the money, Sergey bets on the result of the football match.


Anatoly Tarabrin was born in 1986 in Azov, Rostov region. He has got several degrees:
In 2006 he graduated from the Rostov School of Culture; in 2018 he graduated the Southern University Faculty of Economics; in 2020 he graduated the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation; in 2020 he graduated from the Workshop of the author, editor-in-chief, producer at the School of the Channel One Russia TV. In 2021 he graduated from the Arka Film School at the Higher School of Economics, after which he entered the New York Film Academy (Los Angeles).

2021 – The Gift / social, Russia. 1 min.
2021 – The Fortune / dark comedy, Russia. 18 min
2021 – The Greatest Robbery / dramedy, Russia. 30 min



Warm Lake (Aruan Anartayev) Kazakhstan

Warm Lake
Aruan Anartayev
Kazkhstan. 2021. 26 min

In a village on a shore of a warm lake, a local boy and a visiting girl from the boarding house meet each other. Teenagers spend the long southern summer exploring the coast, while the girl’s parents in the rooms of the boarding house decide whether their family will stay together.


Film director, producer and script writer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Aruan graduated the course of director Darezhan Omirbayev in 2015, and as an observer visited the lessons of documentary laboratory of Vladimir Tyulkin in Almaty.
Aruan graduated Boris Yuhananov’s Studio of individual direction (MIR 5) in Moscow, where he participated in plays on the scene of Electrotheatre Stanislavsky as a part of the project Orphic games. His first study film called Tauba (2016) is a great attempt to create narration close to a conditional idiom. Aruan managed to confront the Broken windows theory, which finds the connection in all crimes, whereas his short film shows an opposite side – the consequences of good intention to overcome apathy.
Aruan directed several documentary and feature short films. One of his films, Nostalgia seller (2017) – about a seller on the flea market who has been selling junk all his life and dreamed of suddenly getting rich, was selected to participate in Umut festival in Bishkek.
Since 2017 Aruan working as an executive producer at documentary film studio Tihiy Svet in Almaty.
Tihiy Svet documentary studio produces films that are socially impactful and creates documentary content for informational campaigns of underreported but socially important topics and events. As an producer he was lead the production of several social documentary projects. His major project at this position was FACE THE MUSIC (2019) –full-length documentary, that follows the protests against concerts of a local band Ninety One in Kazakhstan.
Film was premiered at DMZ international documentary film festival.


Tauba (2015)
Nostalgia seller (2016)
Bailanys (2017)
A train of health (2020) doc
Warm lake 2021



May You Stay Forever Young (Rex Ren, Lam Sum) Hong Kong

May You Stay Forever Young
Rex Ren, Lam Sum
Hong Kong. 2021. 86 min

In June, 2019, a series of massive demonstrations against the Hong Kong government’s attempt to revise and pass the Extradition Law led to a chain of suicides by young protesters to validate their opposition. The story takes place on 28th July, a week after the white mob attack in Yuen Long. YY, a 17-year-old girl, announced her attempt to end her life on Instagram. After that, she couldn’t be contacted or located.

Nam, the 20-year-old “comrade” she met after a protest-related arrest, and amongst others, frantically searched for her around Kwai Tsing district where she lived. Her photo and other information were posted on Telegram and LIHKG Forum, resulting in hundreds of volunteers joining the search. It’s a run against time. emotionally exhausting hunt, she was finally located in Mongkok, the busiest area populated by young people. Meanwhile, on the island side, protesters are confronting the fully armed riot police. Yet, it becomes a dilemma for those who are still searching for YY.


Rex graduated from the School of Film & Television at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Directing. He won the Best Director Award with Even Ants Strife for Survival at the 12th Fresh Wave International Short Film Competition and Gold Award at the 23rd Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards. He was Fruit CHAN’s scriptwriter and assistant director before working for Andy LAU’s Infinitus Films as Creative Team Supervisor. In 2018, he won the grand prize with A Life of Papers at the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion meeting. He is also the founder of Equal Write Union Hong Kong.


Born in Hong Kong. Lam is an independent short film and documentary filmmaker graduated from School of Film and TV, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, specialising in directing. Lam is also a social movement activist and his works mostly focus on social issues. Lam is also a video freelancer and as a film production tutor in several schools and colleges.



Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots (Yoshino Ryohei) Japan. Official Section

Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots
Yoshino Ryohei
Japan. 2021. 118 min

The story begins in ordinary days of Horigai, a 22-year-old virgin who is about to graduate and got a job as a social worker. She is spending boring days between her school and apartment with her college graduation coming soon. She meets Inogi at the same college, a girl who has tragic childhood, but somehow they get along in a little weird way. When Horigai’s friend Homine dies, she starts to find out violent and pitiful things around Homine that Horigai couldn’t see when he was alive.


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1982, Yoshino began making independent films while studying at Hosei University. After graduation, he enrolled at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, where he majored in cinematography and lighting technology. He has won several awards for his short and medium-length films to date. He currently works as a lighting engineer for music videos, radio program director, and in a wide range of other fields.



Remembering Mashi (Marco Hüsler) Germany

Remembering Mashi
Marco Hüsler
Germany. 2021. 12 min

Mashi is cooking joy, hot piping Masala Chai, for the people of Kolkata. It seems the world there doesn’t go around without having a break at her small tea stall once a day.


Marco Hülser was born 1992 in Hamburg and gained his “Abitur” in 2011. After a voluntary service in Tamil Nadu (India), Marco studied Motion Pictures at the Hochschule Darmstadt, which he completed in 2016. During this he directed the short film “Zusammen Allein” which was nominated at several festivals. Mid-2015, he started to work on his first documentary “Masala Chai”, which got premiered in Toronto 2017. Since beginning of 2018 he is working on his first feature film and other short films.


We shot this portrait of Nandarani, also called Mashi, in 2016 but never completed the project until 2021. The lockdown finally gave us the opportunity to rediscover a small treasure saved on one of our many hard drives. The film is all about observing Nandarani who is following her daily routine of preparing chai for locals. It reminds us once more that beauty is found in small things, and you don’t need much to have a life full of peace and harmony. Mashi died s few month after we completed the shooting in 2016. We are grateful for spending time together with Mashi at her tea stall. There is no specific time for tea but there is always tea for time.


2019 – Wanda & Jamal – Feature Film
2019 – Berlin To Bombay – Documentary
​2018 – Alles Gut – Short Film
​2017 – Mit Dir Ohne Dich – Short Film
​2017 – Masala Chai – Documentary
​​2017 – Hinter dem Meer – Feature Film
​2015 – Zusammen Allein – Short Film



I Always Lost My Gloves (Natalia Belova) Russia

I Always Lost My Gloves
Natalia Belova
Russia. 2021. 6 min

A couple who do not understand each other finds themselves in the world of a haiku written by a girl. When the heroes go back, reality changes.


Natalia was born and raised in Moscow 31 years ago. For 17 years she has been studying the art of the sounding word and literary creation. She graduated from the faculty of television journalism, because she dreamed of television, and the law academy, because she fell in love with a graduate student. She worked as a screenwriter and director in the field of public events, theatrical performances, and stadium art shows. As a producer she shot TV series, short films and advertisements for big brands. Such a varied and interesting experience made it possible to create a story, assemble a team and make a debut film.



Sincerely Yours (Igor Bagaturiya) Russia

Sincerely Yours
Igor Bagaturiya
Russia. 2021. 91 min

1961 year. USSR, Chelyabinsk. The young postal worker Nyurka is known for her spontaneity and kind disposition. In search of love, she travels a path full of small victories and big disappointments. No matter what happens, driven by an unquenchable thirst for happiness, Nyurka steadfastly continues to move towards her goal.


Scriptwriter, film director, film editor. Graduated from VGIK , script and directing department (Head Masterts V.I.Romanov; V.S.Kalinin)
Work as a scriptwriter at «Goodstory Media» and «Sreda» production companies.

2021/ «Sincerely Yours»/feature film
2019/ «Phantoms of Zamoskvorechie»/ mini series
2017/ «Red River» short film
2016 short film «Book Troubles»