Aleksas Kazanavicius, nominated Best Actor for ISAAC at Imagineindia 2020

The voice of the cinema and theater actor Aleksas Kazanavičius will not be confused with anything else. “Because of the animation of the cartoons, people immediately recognize it – just go somewhere in the store …” he laughed.

A. Kazanavičius graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (LMTA) in 1994.
During twenty five years, A. Kazanavičius has played a number of serious and comic roles. Once he said” a good comedy is like a team flight with acrobatic figures: the error of one pilot and the end is inevitable.”

Upon entering the Conservatory (now the Academy), A. Kazanavičius did not think he would stay here for long. The young person who graduated from the reinforced art school and studied for a year at the Faculty of Art of Šiauliai Pedagogical University was more attracted by the Vilnius Academy of Arts. “I thought: I’ll go to the Conservatory, draw a year, and then go to the academy,” the actor admitted. In this way, the actor and artist never met in the person of A. Kazanavičius.

A. Kazanavičius studied acting in the course of directors Irena Bučienė and Vitalijus Mazūras. At the end of the second year he refused to become a puppeteer.

The actor and his family do not live in a glass high-rise, but in a wooden house on a green hill face to the nature. ”He involuntarily rubs his eyes – there are still traces of mascara left after filming. But that’s what Alex’s artistry ends in everyday life: he doesn’t stutter with his hands, doesn’t try to overwhelm those around him with an impressive voice that passes through his hearts, and doesn’t look for recognizable glances. “It simply came to our notice then. Congratulations, I congratulate you too, but I don’t see a problem or an event here, ”smiles a simple guy in a plain shirt, nominated for the Silver Crane Award for Best Actor for few times already.