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Awards 2022


1 – Neighbours (Mano Khalil) Switzerland

2 – Amira (Mohamed Diab) Egypt

2 – Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots (Ryohei Yoshino) Japan


1 – Mohamed Diab. Amira (Mohamed Diab) Egypt

2 – Deepa Mehta. Funny Boy (Deepa Mehta) Canada

2 – Ryohei Yoshino. Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots (Ryohei Yoshino) Japan


1 – Saba Mubarak / Tara Abboud. Amira (Mohamed Diab) Egypt

2 – Yui Sakuma. Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots (Ryohei Yoshino) Japan

2 – Zhang Zimu. The Coffin Painter (Da Fei) China


1 – Lopsang. The Coffin Painter (Da Fei) China

1 – Li Jiu Xiao. Streetwise (Jiazuo Na) China


1 – Mano Khalil. Neighbours (Mano Khalil) Switzerland

2 – Na Jiazuo. Streetwise (Jiazuo Na) China


1 – Satya Nagpaul. Crescent Night (Gurvinder Singh) India

2 – Ahmed Gabr. Amira (Mohamed Diab) Egypt


1 – Mario Batkovic. Neighbours (Mano Khalil) Switzerland

2 – Xiao Bohan. The Coffin Painter (Da Fei) China


1 – 2000 Songs of Farida (Yolkin Tuychiev) Uzbekistan


1 – Neighbours (Mano Khalil) Switzerland

2 – Funny Boy (Deepa Mehta) Canada


1 – Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots (Ryohei Yoshino) Japan

2 – Amira (Mohamed Diab) Egypt


1 – Reconstruction of Occupation (Jan Sikl) Czech Republic, Slovakia

2 – My Childhood My Country (Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi) Great Britain


1 – The Portraits (Bijukumar Damodaran) India

2 – Oliver Black (Tawfik Baba) Morocco

2 – Red Pomegranate (Sharipa Urazbayeva) Kazakhstan


1 – Lili Alone (Zou Jing) China

2 – A World Free of Crisis (Ted Hardy-Carnac) France


1 – Funny Boy (Deepa Mehta) Canada

2 – Tree Full of Parrots (Jayaraj) India


1 – On The Second Floor (Marco Araujo) Spain


Bablu Babylon Se (Abhijeet Sarthi) SRFTI. India


Tree Full of Parrots (Jayaraj) India

Neighbours (Mano Khalil) Switzerland


  • Dostojee (Prasun Chatterjee) India


  • Kekee Manzil (Behroze Gandhy, Dilesh Korya) India, United Kingdom


  • Ángela Molina (Spain)


  • SRFTI (India)

We Are Never Alone (Petr Vaclav) Czech Republic

We Are Never Alone
Petr Vaclav
Czech Republic. 2016. 105 min

A paranoid prison guard moves into a village flanked by a state motorway. He befriends his new neighbour, an unemployed hypochondriac supported by his wife, working in the local grocery. Weary of life and caring for her two sons, she develops an attraction to the nightclub bouncer, but he is in love with the club stripper, who is in turn waiting for the father of her child to return from the same prison where our prison guard works. A story about the demons of our day.

Duduvá plays Sylva, a single mother whose partner is in jail. She works in a nightclub where Godla woos her without much success. He, in turn, is the unlikely object of desire of a middle-aged woman (Lenka Vlasáková) who works in a small grocery shop. She is married to a fiery hypochondriac who wastes his days in self-loathing and/or conspiring with an ultra-nationalist prison guard (Miroslav Hanus).


Petr Václav was born on June 11, 1967 in Prague, Czechoslovakia [now in Czech Republic]. He is a director and writer, known for Marian (1996), Paralelní svety (2001) and Cesta ven (2014). Graduated from the Department of Documentary Creation at FAMU in 1995(Prague).



Hello, Children (Mark Donskoy) Russia

Hello, Children
Mark Donskoy
Russia. 1962. 75 min

Children from different parts of the world found themselves in a pioneer camp on the Black Sea coast. And suddenly a Japanese girl named Ineko fell ill and other children are doing everything possible to help her. The doctor promised her that she would recover if she made a thousand cranes out of paper.


Mark Donskoy was born in Odessa in a Jewish family. During the Civil War, he served in the Red Army (1921-1923), and was held captive by the White Russians for ten months. Freed and discharged from military service, he studied psychology and psychiatry at the Crimean Medical School. In 1925 he graduated from the legal department of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Crimean M.V. Frunze University in Simferopol. He then worked in investigative bodies, in the Supreme Court of the Ukrainian SSR, and in the bar association. He released a collection of short stories about his life called “Prisoners” (1925).

Donskoy began his career in film in 1926. He worked in the script department, then as an assistant director in Moscow, later as an editing assistant in Leningrad. In 1935 he became the first Soviet dubbing director; he dubbed the American film “The Invisible Man”. In addition to subsequently directing numerous films, he also worked from time to time as a studio administrator: in 1938-1941, and in 1945-1955 he was the administrative director of Soyuzdetfilm’s film studio in Moscow; in 1942-1945 and in 1955-1957 he was director of the Kiev film studio; after 1957, he was director and art director of the Maxim Gorky film studio where he mentored Ousmane Sembène.

Tarlan (Yuliya Zakharova) Kazakhstan

Yuliya Zakharova
Kazakhstan. 2021. 75 min

The story of one sincere and eternal friendship; growing up of a lonely boy and a lonely foal.
After various ups and downs that occurred in Zakir’s family, the boy realizes that there is no one closer to him than the foal, to whom the name Tarlan is given by him. Zakir, who is not understood by his parents, is mocked by his peers, feels lonely and finds a kindred spirit and best friend in Tarlan. Zakir does not give up and believes that his new friend will someday bring him good luck.
The grown-up Zakir and Tarlan have a goal to win at their first races.
At what cost will a teenager’s dream come true?

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Asia (Ruthy Pribar) Israel

Ruthy Pribar
Israel. 2020. 85 min

Asia,s motherhood has always been more of a struggle than an instinct. Having had his daughter when she was still a teenager marked her relationship with Vika from the beginning. Although they live together, both barely have contact with each other. Asia is now concentrating on her job as a nurse, while her daughter spends the day with her friends at the skate park. This routine changes drastically when Vika’s health begins to deteriorate. At that time, Asia must become the mother her daughter desperately needs. Her illness ends up becoming a unique opportunity to reflect the love that unites this small family.

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A World Free of Crisis (Ted Hardy-Carnac) France

A World Free of Crisis
Ted Hardy-Carnac
France. 2021. 27 min

Emilie is struggling in life. After numerous unsuccessful interviews, the lively but clumsy 30 year-old finds herself under a great deal of social pressure and fears to lose her home. Naturally she has high hopes when she is called in for a new interview, but in this future society that plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned…


Ted Hardy-Carnac is a French screenwriter and film director. Having originally studied engineering and business (at ESSEC Business School), Ted decided to continue his career in cinema directing.
Since then he has written and directed four short movies, all rewarded in many festivals and bought by numerous TV channels (France 3, Canal+, OCS, TV5 Monde, TF1…).
Ted just finished his new short movie, “A world free of crisis” (produced by La Belle Affaire Productions, in association with OCS). He is currently working with Delante Productions on his first feature, “Le Goût du temps qui passe“, which he wrote during his time at the renowned La Fémis Film School.


  • A world free of crisis (2021)
  • Tunisia 2045 (2016)
  • In the past tense (2014)
  • Lifever (2013)
  • Near future (2012)



Salto (Nuno Baltazar) Portugal

Nuno Baltazar
Portugal. 2020. 14 min

On a day like any other, Alexandre returns home to find out his mother has disappeared.


Nuno Baltazar is a filmmaker from Lisbon, Portugal. He’s an alumnus of Cinéfondation’s La Résidence and of the Locarno Filmmakers Academy.
His previous shorts “Doce Lar” (2014) and “California” (2018) screened in several festivals and won numerous awards.
“Salto” (2020), his latest film, premiered in Curtas Vila do Conde. Nuno is currently developing his first feature film and several episodic projects for TV.


2012, Portugal is deep in economic crisis. On September 15, half a million citizens rallied against the punishing austerity measures imposed by the government, the largest protest in 50 years.
With high unemployment and weak job growth, people were losing hope.
Not only in Portugal but in many other European countries as well. It was during this time that the idea for SALTO came to me, from a seemingly mundane episode.
Inside a supermarket, I saw a young boy looking for his mother, who worked there but apparently skipped work on that day. Confused, the boy wandered aimlessly and eventually left, all by himself. What happened to his mother? Where did he go after that?
The event sparked memories of my own childhood, and I was fascinated mostly by what I didn’t know.
For me, a film always begins with something from life itself. In SALTO, I was interested in examining a day in the life of a young boy as he drifts through a city overwhelmed by the recession, reimagining not only a temporal and geographic space but also an emotional universe.




Noria (Elisabet Terri) Spain

Elisabet Terri
Spain. 2021. 13 min

Simon suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to communicate with Valeria, a deaf-mute girl who regularly visits the same lonely beach as he does.
Simon loves to search for lost treasures with the help of his metal detector, and is fascinated by Ferris wheels, although he has never been on one. Valeria would like to be able to get off the one that afflicts her heart.

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The Rat (Zhantemir Baimukhamedov) Kazakhstan

The Rat
Zhantemir Baimukhamedov
Kazakhstan. 2021. 28 min

Upon his release, Saken does not know where to go. He has no family, no home, his friends are either dead or gone in different directions. He decides to go to the city to find any kind of “workhouse” and lodging.
At a flea market, Saken meets an intelligent woman named Anna, who helps him with lodging – a room in the administrative building of a former factory. Saken settles in, but he is not alone there, he has a neighbor, the music-loving rat Lyusya.


The most charismatic showman of Kazakhstan, TV presenter, musician, director, owner of Jantik Show company and world famous orchestra.
He was born on January 30, 1973, in Almaty. Kazakhstani singer, composer, choreographer, actor and director. Since childhood he was surrounded by his favorite records of Elvis Presley, music of such bands as Beatles, Rolling Stones and many other English musicians, who immortalized themselves in rock-n-roll epoch.



Oso (Bruno Lourenço) Portugal

Bruno Lourenço
Portugal. 2021. 29 min

The report of the sighting of a lone bear in a border village is initially received with enthusiasm by the locals and by a young forest ranger. But also by an outsider, fervent supporter of the brown bear’s return to the north of Portugal. It won’t be a peaceful return, between Man-made obstacles and the bear’s will.


Bruno Lourenço was born in Lisbon, in 1973. He studied Cinema at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Since 1996 he has been working as assistant director to Miguel Gomes, Manuel Mozos, José Fonseca e Costa, among others. OSO is his second short film.