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Mikel Z. Castells, Jury at Imagineindia 2022

Mikel Z. Castells will be the Jury for Best Sound Design at the next Imagineindia edition in 2022.

Castells grew up in a town on the Guipuzcoan coast called Pasajes San Pedro, although at an early age he moved to the city of San Sebastián, where he studied at the public bilingual institute.

At the age of 17 he moved to the United States to complete High School and thus reinforce his learning regarding English, studying two years in two different cities, the first in Clarksburg (West Virginia) studying at the “Robert C. Byrd” Institute. and the second in the city of Seattle (Washington), finishing his studies at the University “Edmonds Community College”.

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Golden Fish, African Fish (Moussa Diop, Thomas Grand) Senegal

Golden Fish, African Fish
Moussa Diop, Thomas Grand
Senegal. 2018. 60 min

The Casamance region in the South of Senegal is one of the last areas of traditional fishing in West Africa, and crucial to the food safety of many African countries. But the challenges of industrial fishing companies and harsh working conditions are putting the region in danger of collapse. Issues like affordable living, healthcare, gender equality, deforestation, and human-value versus commodity-value are explored through the fascinating life stories of the people who live there.


Moussa Diop: (Senegal, 1979) Sound engineer and co-director of the film GOLDEN FISH, AFRICAN FISH. Training in sound techniques at the National Orchestra of Arts of Senegal and Blaise Senghor Cultural Center. Founding member of the audiovisual production structure ZideoProd and Sound Engineer in all audiovisual productions produced by ZideoProd.

Thomas Grand: (Paris, 1976). Producer, director, camera operator, editor, co-director of the film GOLDEN FISH, AFRICAN FISH. Graduated from Esra, School of Audiovisual Production in Paris, France. Founder and Manager of the audiovisual production structure ZideoProd. Director, cameraman and editor of all audiovisual productions produced by ZideoProd.



Sombra Do Mar (Sergio Pereda) Spain

Sombra Do Mar
Sergio Pereda
Spain. 2021. 15 min

Ismael returns home after spending a long time unsuccessfully fishing in the open sea. The small Galician town he arrives to is a desolate and poverty stricken place surrounded by a dead sea. His wife no longer looks the same, his son has disappeared. The legends say that it had happened before… Ismael has no choice but to live in a land that is not his.




My Dear Corpses (German Golub) Estonia

My Dear Corpses
German Golub
Estonia. 2021. 34 min

Unexpectedly evicted from his house, Erki faces a rather difficult task to take care of his lonely mother. He’s forced to agree to become a corpse carrier. But the situation is about to get a whole lot worse, when Erki meets his new colleague for whom it’s just another day in the field.


Director and writer German Golub was born in Estonian – Russian family 3 February 1993 in Pärnu, South of Estonia. Film director studied in Baltic Film and Media School, Directing feature BA Film Arts. Throughout a short career, he directed multiple short feature films and short documental films, one of them in China. Identifying himself as Estonian and European, but having direct access to West and East cultures. Both sided investigation of the cultural treasures strongly influenced and dualized his perception, understanding, and perspective of view on the world around him.


“My dear corpses” is a short movie that mainly focuses on death, but this film is about those who are still living. It investigates what’s mostly hidden from our sight in tragicomic form, which allows the viewer to think, even just for a second, if there is a possibility to live a full life without knowing what death really is.



Stateless (Mustafa Aydin) Turkey

Mustafa Aydin
Turkey. 2021. 13 min

He is foreign to his own language and identity, he is a migrant traveler. They do not belong to where they came from, nor to this land. They are stateless, homeless, landless people. We are witnessing the tragic journey of hope travelers who walked for days without food or water to come to Turkey from Afghanistan.


Mustafa Aydın was born in 1998 in a remote village in eastern Turkey. After completing his primary school in the village, he moved to boarding for his secondary and high school education. After making his first short film in high school, he became interested in cinema and completed his university education in the faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Cinema Department, in Selcuk University Konya. He produced and directed his first short film called “Mesai”, of documentary genre. While continuing his university education in Konya; He has undertaken duties such as acting, camera assistant, reporter and editing in television channels as well in national and international film productions. The radio programs, television news and short films he produced has received awards in various competitions.



The Sea Calls for Me (Tumpal Tampubolon) Indonesia

The Sea Calls For Me
Tumpal Tampubolon
Indonesia. 2021. 17 min

Sura lives alone in the fishing village, waiting for his father to return home. One day he finds a broken sex doll, and he asks Argo to help him fix the doll. He finds a companion and a surrogate parent in the doll. But this companionship is threatened by Argo, who wants to take it away from Sura. When Argo manages to take the doll from Sura by force, Sura is forced to do the unthinkable.


Tumpal Tampubolon is a cinephile-turned-filmmaker, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Math. In 2005, his first screenplay, The Last Believer, won the Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) Script Development Competition for Best Short Fiction category. It was a chance for him to have first-hand filmmaking experience. Since then, he has written and directed several short films, which were screened in various domestic and international film festival.

Tumpal has also been selected to attend the Asian Young Filmmakers Forum, a filmmaker-in-residence program in Jeonju, South Korea, Berlinale Talent Campus, and Asian Film Academy in Busan.

He is one of the nine directors that participated in Belkibolang omnibus film; a feature length film consists of nine short films that showcases the new and promising talents in Indonesian cinema. Belkibolang was screened at Rotterdam International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival, and Udine Far East Film Festival.

In 2014, he won the Citra Award, Indonesia’s most prestigious film awards, for Best Original Screenplay, for Tabula Rasa.


2017 Wiro Sableng: Pendekar 212 (feature film, co-writer)
2014 Tabula Rasa (feature film, scripwriter, Best Original Script Piala Citra)
2011 Soleram (short film, director and scriptwriter)
2010 Mamalia (short film, part of BELKIBOLANG omnibus, IFFR, HKIFF, Jeonju International Film Festival, Udine Far East)
2008 Drum Lesson (short film, director and scriptwriter)
2006 The Last Believer (short film, director and scriptwriter, Best Short Film JiFFEST)



Salvador Dali (Eldiar Madakim) Kyrgystan

Salvador Dali
Eldiar Madakim
Kyrgystan. 2021. 19 min

Orozbek, a joyful boy who loves to draw, lives with his grandmother in a remote village deep in the snowy mountains. He has to walk a long distance to school, and one day the stream washes over its banks, blocking his way.


Director, writer, editor and producer Eldiar Madakim, born Osh, Kyrgyzstan March 27 1988, began his career in film industry as a production designer. He graduated from the Academy of Art named after Turgunbai Sydykov, in which he holds a degree in Ceramic Artist. Since 2003, he has worked in film studios Oimo, Toguz – Ak, Ernest Adzhyparov’s Studio and Kyrgyzfilm. In 2012, he graduated from the Kyrgyz State University of Construction and Architecture with a degree in Digital Designer.
He is an editor and color-grading specialist for more than 500 films and video productions of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Armenia etc. Most of these films have been awarded in international festivals and distributed world-wide. Multiple winner of International film festivals and Ak Ilbirs National Film Award for “Best Editing” and “Best Production Designer”.
He is currently the director of the Aitysh Film Studio. Film “Salvador Dali” is his debut as a director. He is also the scriptwriter, editor and producer of this film.



“Shambala”, Director Artykpay Suyundukov – Producer, Film editor, VFX, colorist 2021
“Ak Salkyn” Director Ernest Abdyzhaparov – Colorist 2021
“Test Drive” – Director Askar Shafi – Film editor, VFX, colorist 2020 (Kazakhstan)
“Offline holiday 2” – Director Ruslan Akun – Film editor, colorist 2019 (Kazakhstan)
“Light drops” Director Arman Chilingaryan – Colorist 2019 (Armenia)
“Kok Boru” Director Ruslan Akun – Film editor, colorist 2018
“Song of the Tree” Director Aibek Daiyrbekov – Film editor, VFX, colorist 2018
“Finding mother” Director Ruslan Akun – Film editor, colorist 2017
“Night accident” Director Temir Birnazarov – Colorist 2016
“Sayakbay” Director Ernest Abdyzhaparov – Colorist 2016
“A father’s will” Director Bakyt Mukul, Dastan Zhapar – Colorist 2016
“Munabia” Director Taalaibek Kulmendeev – Film editor, colorist 2016
“Kyrgyz-Kazakh are brothers” Director Nurlan Abdykadyrov – Film editor, colorist, 2016
“Heavenly Nomadic” Director Mirlan Abdykalykov – Film editor, colorist 2015
“Once at the orphanage” – Directors Serik Abishev, Ruslan Magamedov

  • VFX, colorist 2015 (Kazakhstan)
    “Under Heaven” Director Dalmira Tilepbergenova – Film editor, colorist 2014
    “Kurmanjan Datka” Director Sadyk Sher-Niyaz – Film editor, VFX, colorist, 2014
    “Salam, New York” Director Ruslan Akun – Film editor, colorist, 2013


«Salvador Dali» – Producer, director, film editor, colorist 2021
“Selkinchek” Director Samara Sagynbaeva – Colorist 2019
“Taxi driver” Director Kymbat Adylbekova – Film editor, colorist 2015
“Herding” Director Ruslan Akun – Film editor,colorist 2013
“Oguz ayal” – Director Nurzhamal Damir – Film editor,colorist 2012
“Three under the rain” – Director Aibek Daiyrbekov – Film editor, colorist, 2011
“Trolleybus” Director Ernest Abdyzhaparov – Film editor, colorist 2010



Anjali Monteiro, jury for Best Editing at Imagineindia 2022

Dr. Anjali Monteiro retired recently as Professor and Dean from the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. She is a documentary filmmaker, media researcher and teacher. Jointly with K.P. Jayasankar, she has made over 40 documentary films, many of which have been screened at film festivals, winning thirty-three awards. She writes on documentary film, media, and cultural studies. She has co-authored the national award-winning book A Fly in the CurryIndependent Documentary Film in India (Sage, 2016). Her recent publications include the co-edited volumes, DigiNaka: Subaltern Politics and Digital Media in Post-Capitalist India,Orient Blackswan, 2020 and Many Voices, Many Worlds: Critical Perspectives on Community Media in India, Sage, 2021.

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Daniela Creutz, jury for documentaries at Imagineindia 2022

Born in Munich Germany, and after receiving her MA in Photography & Video, Daniela Creutz moved to New York City where she completed her postgraduate film program (directing, screenplay & acting) at Tisch School of the Arts, NY Atlantic Theatre Company and NY Film Academy. Shortly after, she founded her own film production, B/C/P (BlueCirceProductions LLC) and lived and worked in New York City for 15 years. Initially, she was hired as a designer for broadcasters such as ABC Network and CBS Studios, but then increasingly produced independent films, especially documentary films, fiction short films, corporate and image films, which she wrote and directed. The development, as well as the creative and technical realization of different film topics – from research to writing treatments and screenplays, up to the final postproduction – have been Daniela’s core competence for many years.

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Kim Longinotto, jury at Imagineindia 2022 for documentaries

Kim Longinotto is a British documentary film maker,  well known for making films that highlight the plight of female victims of oppression or discrimination.  Longinotto has made more than 20 films, usually featuring inspiring women and girls at their core. Her subjects have included female genital mutilation in Kenya (The Day I Will Never Forget), women standing up to rapists in India (Pink Saris),  and the story of Salma,  an Indian Muslim woman who smuggled poetry out to the world while locked up by her family for decades.

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