Isaac (Jurgis Matulevicius) nominated for Best Screenplay at Imagineindia 2020

Jurgis MatuleviciusSaule VliuvaiteNerijus Milerius have been nominated for Best Screenplay.

Jurgis Matulevičius (b. 1989) is a director, screenwriter and editor form Vilnius, Lithuania.  He graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy with a degree in film directing.  Jurgis has worked with well-known Lithuanian film directors Šarūnas Bartas, Algimantas Puipa and others.  He recently made 4 short films: “Absurd People” (2011), “Anima Animus” (2012), “Victim” (2013), “Interrogator” (2015) that were seen and evaluated well by critics, festivals and audiences in Lithuania and abroad. “Isaac” is his first feature.  Currently he is working on a short documentary “The Golden Flask” where he is a Director of Photography as well.

Born in 1994, film director and screenwriter Saulė Bliuvaitė graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Film Directing program in 2018. During her time in the Academy, Saulė made four short films and was recognised as one of the most talented students and aspiring filmmakers in Lithuania. Her short films were screened and well received at various film festivals in Lithuania and abroad. Saulė is a co-writer and co-editor of the feature film ‘Isaac’ (2019), directed by Jurgis Matulevičius. Alongside filmmaking, Saulė works as a video artist in theatre and directs interdisciplinary art performances. Currently she is working on a short documentary ‘Limousine’ and a screenplay of her debut feature film.

Nerijus Milerius was born in Vilnius in 1971. He Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vilnius University, Lithuania. He is teaching film philosophy, religious cinema, cultural studies and aesthetics. He is the editor and one of the authors of the monograph “Film and Philosophy” (2013), the author of the monographs “Apocalypse in Cinema: The Philosophical Presuppositions” (2013) and “Viewing the Viewer: Cinema and Violence” (2018). Milerius is co-director of the DOK Leipzig festival Golden Dove, Interreligious Jury and FIPRESCI winner “Exemplary Behaviour” (with Audrius Mickevicius, released in 2019) and co-author of the script of “Isaac” (director Jurgis Matulevicius, released in 2019).