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ANONYMOUS (Ayan Banerjee) Shorts

Ayan Banerjee
India.  2015.  14 min.

Venue :  B Travel Brand Xperience
Date :  11 april.  19.30 h

What is that one thing we cannot live without? Even before we open our eyes in the morning, and not until we close them after a long tiring day. Or probably even after that. In our dreams and nightmares…what is that one thing we cannot afford to lose?

MOUSSE (John Hellberg) Shorts

John Hellberg
Sweden.  2014.  35 min.

Venue :  Teatro del barrio (Closing Gala)
Date :   31 may.   19.00 h

What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?

Kya hamare India mein diversity hai? (TISS) Shorts

Kya hamare India mein diversity hai?
Aditi Saraswat, Akshat Jain, Radhika Agarwal, Tanvi Khemani and Vishal Langthasa.   India. 2015.  2 min 30 secs

On Republic Day, a child has to make a speech about why he is proud of being an Indian. He thinks about the various reasons people give, but isn’t impressed. This is a PSA that asks: what legacy do we want to leave behind for the next generation?

Screenings: New Media Competition Section (PSA National) of Mumbai International Film Festival, 2016.

Reclamining Culture (TISS) Shorts

Reclaiming Culture
Maanvi, Anand Gautam, Shreya S, Rameshwar Jirwankar and Pranali Garud.   India.  2015.  2 min 34 sec.

What happens when an unwitting passenger finds himself in an airline called Bharatvarsha Vimanseva? This public service announcement asks what is Indian culture, and why is everyone hell bent on protecting it?

Screenings: New Media Competition Section (PSA National) of Mumbai International Film Festival, 2016.

Staring (TISS) Shorts

Ananyaa Gaur, Dinesh Kumar Mahapatra, Keduokhrietuo Sachu, Nishajyoti Sharma and Shreya Sinha.  India.  2014.  1 min  50 sec.

The film tries to explore the idea of staring as a form of violence by using role reversal.

Screenings:   US Consulate-General Film Festival on Women’s Safety and Empowerment, 2014 and Script International Film Festival – 2015, Kochi.

How Far Should a Woman Go? (TISS) Shorts

How Far Should a Woman Go?
Shubhra Dixit, Smita Vanniyar, Anurup Khillare and Prateek Shekhar.  India.  2015.  2 min 38 seconds.

It explores the extreme measures that society expects women to take in order to protect themselves.

Acknowledgement : The PSA received the first prize at the Film Festival held during the event 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence at US Consulate of Mumbai.

Screenings: Film Festival organized by NMIMS and MAVA on Gender, Masculinity and Relationships in January, 2015 and in New Media Competition Section (PSA National) of Mumbai International Film Festival, 2016.

Co-Exist (TISS) Shorts

Deepti Murali, Kritika Agarwal, Nevin Thomas, Robin Zutshi and Shuaib Shafi.  India.  2015.  3 min.

It deals with the everyday exclusions faced by the queer community in the city and with the attitude of the public and the law and order personnel towards the non heteronormative members of the society in public spaces. The PSA aims to break the silence observed over these issues and inspire the LGBTQI community to reclaim these spaces.

KAMAKSHI (Satinder Singh Bedi) Shorts

Satinder Singh Bedi
India.  2015.  24 min.

Venue :   B Travel Brand Xperience
Date :   23 may.   17.30 h

In Hindu mythology, Kamakshi is the goddess of compassion. She fulfils all wishes and embodies serenity and peace. Sita, Rama’s wife, after suffering a long journey full of deprivations and false accusations levelled against her by her beloved husband, pleads to be swallowed up by her mother, the earth.

In black-and-white, we follow an old woman who digs for water in a dry and barren region. She digs and digs, and the furrows in the dry soil are mirrored in the wrinkles of her spirited face. Almost disappearing in the ditch, a girl suddenly appears at its edge. They exchange looks. The old woman distributes coins from a water-filled boat. The water carriers wield torches in the night. Associative and hallucinatory imagery is interspersed by narrative moments. Towards the end, colour takes charge of the direction and the desire for water is fulfilled at a high price.