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Ju Yong Choi
South Korea. 2014. 26 min

Gang-su Han, the perfect killer who has 100% killing success rate recommended his retire. Because he is too old to do killing someone, and his last order comes. When he confirms his target, he falls into dilemma.

Akar (Toufic Khreich) Stories from Lebannon

Akar (Troubled waters)
Toufic Khreich
Lebannon. 2013. 25 min

Venue :  Función Lenguaje
21 may Thursday.  21.00

Twenty-seven years away, Eskandar comes back. Once in Beirut, he is haunted by his childhood memories, which bounce him between the past and the present. The same experiences that sent him away as a child, lead him back as an adult.

Binetsu (Masato Ozawa) Life can be cut short

Binetsu (Slight fever)
Masato Ozawa
Japan. 2014. 30 min

Venue :  Spanish Film Institute
28 may Thursday.  20.00

Toshio was a marathon runner with a promising future in college, whose dream was cut short from a training accident. Gambling became Toshio’s new sole purpose in life. Trying to win big to resolve his debts, Toshio obsesses to win while he disregards his wife’s pleading tears to quit.

In this troubled household, Yuu was desperate to keep her family together. With her back to the wall, Yuu maintained herself from breaking apart under her father’s twisted affection and her mother’s unsmiling face. But Yuu was starting to form her own character. All Yuu really wanted to do, was to play the piano…

Gamble addiction and dysfunctional family with implications of child molestation, Slight Fever shines a light on the darkness of modern society of Japan questioning all of us, what is a family? What is true happiness for our children?


Director:    Igor Savchenko.
Russia. 1941. 114 min.  Historical.
Cast :  Nikolai Mordvinov, Boris Bezgin, Nikita Ilchenko.

Venue  :   Centro Ruso de Ciencia y Cultura
Date  :    24 may.    18.00 h

Soviet director Igor Savchenko is well regarded in his native land for his lavish historical and war epics including Bogdan Khmelnitsky (1941), the biography of a famed Ukrainian warlord.

Year 1648. Ukraine under the oppression of Poland. Polish nobility committing outrage, burning villages one after another. Hetman of Zaporozhian Cossacks Bogdan Khmelnitsky gathers the army of defenders of the motherland…

DUMA PRO KAZAKA GOLOTU (The Ballad of Golota)

Director: Igor Savchenko.
Russia. 1937. 83 min.  Adventure.
Cast :  Konstantin Nassonov, Leonid Shekhtman, Konstantin Tyrtov.

The story of three young Russsian adventurers against the background of post-revolutionary skirmishes in the Ukraine. The boys get mixed up with a wounded commissar and a marauding White Russian officer. They find themselves in all sorts of predicaments before the Reds arrive to save the day, and become the mascots of a troop of Bolshevik cavalry.