The White Whale (Amir Mehran) Iran

The White Whale
Amir Mehran
Iran. 2020. 10 min

Long years ago, a young man has lost his friends in an air attack on a big river during the war. After 30 years, He is looking for their remains. A White Whale is the only sign he has.


Born in 1981, Sabzevar- Iran, Amir Mehran is studying M.A. in Animation Directing at Sooreh Art University and he has a B.A. degree in Animation Directing from Iran Broadcast University, Tehran. His animated short films “Cold Blood” (2008), “Silent City” (2009), ‘Aperture’ (2012), ‘Night of the lamb” (2012) and “The butterfly man” (2013) won awards at various international film festivals, including Grand off, Inter film Berlin, Banja Luka, Cinefiesta, Imperia, Short Soup, Silk Road, Noor film festival, etc. The award-winning and acclaimed director made a lot of title sequences and VFX for feature films. Now he is focusing both on short film making and directing commercials and commissioned work. He is the owner and co-founder of Aduren Studio that supports all forms of Visual Effects, Animation, Motion Graphics, and Commercial.
. The White Whale (2020. Animation)
. Tree (2019. Music Video)
. Immanence (2017. Music Video)
. The Butterfly Man (2013. Cutout Animation)
. Night of the Lamb (2012. 2d Computer Animation)
. Aperture (2012. 3d Computer Animation)
. Silent City (2009. 2d Computer Animation)
. Cold Blood (2008.Experimental)
. The Lost Waves (2005. traditional Animation)