The Single Tumbler (Sivamohan Sumathy) Srilanka

The Single Tumbler
Sivamohan Sumathy
Srilanka. 2020. 74 min

The war between the Sri Lankan armed forces and the Tamil separatist group, Tigers is over. Lalitha returns to Sri Lanka, to the family she left behind in a time of great turbulence. Memories are hard and bitter. Why does mother cling to the single tumbler? Did Fatima curse them, when the Muslims were evicted by the militants? Why did Jude the brother disappear? What secrets do Jessie and Anthony hide? The Single Tumbler is a recuperation of life lived in pain and betrayal, seeking reconciliation, affirmation and hope.



The Single Tumbler is an inward glance; a close intimate glance at northern Tamil society in Sri Lanka, at a time of crisis of identity. It is riven from within by its class, gender and ethnic persuasions. I look at my own home, family, community and nation, through the lens of displacement. I look at post war Sri Lanka, haunted by its past. Tamils suffered in the war, but they were also complicit in turning a blind eye to injustices committed in their name. This is a sensitive issue. One needs to tackle this without judgement.