The Abode. Who are we? (Eleonora Tukhareli) Russia

The Abode. Who are we?
Eleonora Tukhareli
Russia, France.  2019.  53 min

Solovetsky Monastery was built in 15th century.  It’s a sacral place, in its history Holiness and tragedy was merged, unity with God and the terrible challenges of the special purpose camp. This is a place where today everyone is looking for an answer to the main question who I am. The main character of the film goes there to shoot his documentary, and everything starts to go wrong.


Ella Tukhareli is a documentary filmmaker, born and raised in Saratov, where she graduated from the faculty of philosophy of the Saratov State University. Now she works as the main Director of “United Media Group“. Her films are winners of Russian and international festivals.



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Her Wish (Yukiko Mishima) Japan

Her Wish
Yukiko Mishima
Japan.  2019.  12 min

Haruna, a teenager,  hates her mother.  The reason is the tofu shop that she runs and the cause of the multiple gossips at school about her.  One day the mother falls seriously ill and has to be admitted to the hospital.


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Yukiko Mishima is a director and writer, known for Kowareta Heart wo Urimono ni (2015), Shiawase no pan (2012) and Budô no namida (2014).


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Women at Sunset (Nuria Rubió Domingo) Spain

Women at Sunset
Nuria Rubió Domingo
Spain.  2019.  10 min

Andrea, an unemployed journalist in her 30s, feels an existential crisis after being fired from the newspaper she worked in.  She will walk around the neighbourhood at sunset and the meeting with different women will make her reflect on what path she should take.




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Stay Awake, Be Ready (Pham Thien An) Vietnam

Stay Awake, Be Ready
Pham Thien An
Vietnam.  2019.  14 min

On a street corner a mysterious conversation among three young men at a street stalls. Meanwhile a traffic accident on a motorbike. The night brings together a sketch, a multicolor frame of reality​.


STAY AWAKE, BE READY - Pham Thien An (Vietnam, 2019) 14 ...

Pham Thien An is a film director, producer and screenwriter. His latest short film Stay Awake, Be Ready won the Illy Award at Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2019.


Street pubs & stalls are places where people in Vietnam can chat many things without fear of being judged.  Through the conversation of three young men before the street stalls on a street corner, a traffic accident happened suddenly nearby,  the director wanted to sketch a multi-color picture of the humanity.  When society makes people rush day by day, they often think of themselves as the center of the universe and actually forget how small people really are in the big world.


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Get Ready With Me (Jonatan Etzler) Sweden

Get Ready With Me
Jonatan Etzler
Sweden.  2019.  30 min

Aspiring youtuber Vendela decides to get up infront of her high school class and show a disturbing video that disrupts the lesson and causes her teacher Lukas to fear for her life.  Get Ready With Me is a refreshingly unpredictable thriller about generational power struggles that combines grim satire with the current urgencies of teen angst, social media and fame.


Jonatan Etzler  • Director of Get Ready With Me

Jonatan Etzler (1988, Stockholm, Sweden). Filmography:  Class Trip (2014, short), I Follow You (2015, short), Make a Wish (2016, short), The Less Fortunate (2017, short), Intercourse (2018, short), Get Ready With Me (2019, short).


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Mthunzi (Tebogo Malebogo) South Africa

Tebogo Malebogo
Sourth Africa.  2019.  9 min

Mthunzi is walking home as he sees a lady go into seizures in her driveway − he is then asked to help carry her into their home by her niece and becomes caught up in a world he does not belong in.

Based on real facts and rooted in the current and past history of South Africa, Mthunzi is a movie under tension, both for the excellent performance of its actors and its impeccable image. Impressive by its strong subject matter − which resonates with our European reality − and important by its unstoppable effectiveness, Tebogo Malebogo’s first film undoubtedly reveals the talent of a promising filmmaker.


Tebogo Malebogo - Locarno Festival

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Canada, Kenya, and South Africa, Tebogo Malebogo is a Writer/Director/Producer currently based in Cape Town.  The son of a diplomat, his itinerant childhood exposed him to myriad cultures which inform his work today. Tebogo is interested in exploring what it means to be a first generation African born abroad, and characters who wrestle with a need to belong. He is currently developing his first feature film and entering pre-production on another short.


The working title for our film was Proviso. A proviso is an addition or qualification attached to a statement, gesture or agreement. I feel all people have provisos attached to how they live. How they should act, talk, stand, dress, etc in order to be accepted in certain environments. A woman in an all-male workplace. A homosexual man who’d have to hide his orientation. A mixed-race person depending on what side of family they’re with. Mthunzi, our protagonist, is being reminded of his proviso. Despite being in this home to help, his race takes a forefront. Partially autobiographical, it’s a young man’s reminder of society’s snap-judgement of people who look like him.
The idea first came to me when I was walking through a suburban neighborhood and saw a lady faint in her doorway. I helped her grandson carry her inside and on my way out, one of her other family members questioned why I was in the house. I had to explain to him what had happened to his own family member. Even after explaining, there was an unease that stayed in the air, it clouded the whole scene and prevented us from seeing each other as anything more than society had conditioned us to see. He appeared ready to defend his family from me, a cue their dog took as it snarled at my feet on my way out.
As I sat on that moment, I began to think about the real fears we face in a country like South Africa. How we are conditioned, without it being our fault. I became interested in exploring those spaces, finding the limit. What happens if someone who looks like this enters this space? What are the stakes? How much explaining needs to be done?
We hope this project will be a way to interrogate these ideas. To use a form as malleable as filmmaking to interrogate a small part of our own place in the world, not only so that we can understand others, but for others to look into themselves and reconsider their own surroundings.


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Window (Evgeniy Milykh) Russia

Evgeniy Milykh
Russia.  2019.  21 min

After his wife‘s death, the man finds new sense of purpose in life peeping on a woman in the opposite house‘s window. She becomes more important than his son, his job and his apartment.


Evgeniy Milykh - FilmFreeway

Born and raised in Voronezh, Russia in 1982.  In 2006 graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, acting faculty.  Worked in the Chekhov’s Moscow Art Theater and Russian Academic Youth Theatre.  A year later left the theater, in pursue of artistic freedom and experiences. He earned money working as an MC at various events.  Later he started a business, organizing events for children and teenagers. In 2018 graduated from the Moscow Film School, the Popogrebsky, Klebleev course.




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Bagatelle (Daniel Levin) Russia, USA

Daniel Levin
Russia,USA .  2019.  30 min

A group of Russian musicians struggles from gig to gig in South Texas until one of them ditches the group to attempt a marriage with a wealthy farmer on his ranch. The story is inspired and is loosely based on ‘Ionych’, a novella by Anton Chekhov.


Daniel levin

Born in Russia and raised in Texas, Daniel graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles with a Master of Fine Arts in film directing.  His graduate thesis film Moment Théâtral (2007) received the prestigious Jack Nicholson Directing Award.  Most recently Daniel produced the animated feature film Purim: The Lot (2013), which is coming out in wide release on home video and VOD. He directed the documentaries Kaltag, Alaska and Kamchatka: The Salmon Country in association with the WWF.  Daniel lectures on filmmaking at universities and colleges around Houston,  Texas.


Bagatelle: Help Make an Art Film by Daniel Levin — Kickstarter


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Give Up The Ghost (Zain Duraie) Jordan

Give Up The Ghost
Zain Duraie
Jordan.  2019.  15 min

Salam’s dream of becoming a mother shatters when she finds out that she is unable to have children with her husband.


Zain Duraie - Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Duraie was born and raised in Amman, Jordan.  Duraie graduated from the Toronto Film School.  She started her career as a trainee at Philistine Films with filmmaker Annemarie Jacir and producer Ossama Bawardi.  Her directorial debut short film Horizon, won the Best of the Festival Selects at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, Audience Choice Award at the Franco Arab Film Festival and Best first young filmmaker at the Algeria’s International women film festival. In 2019, her second short film Give up the Ghost premiered in competition at the Venice International Film Festival and won the Best Arab Short Film award at the El Gouna Film Festival.


Infertility and love together becomes a social stigma.  The film poses essential questions on how social pressure and the expectations that parents have on their children to rise up to a certain image could negatively influence a person’s character. Human actions depending on external judgmental forces can destroy your inner peace, but what if we stand for what we believe in, to become leaders and not followers to what society wants to make of us?  What if we already have the key to our cage in our pockets?




Give Up The Ghost (2019) - IMDb


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