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Jai Ho, a film on A.R.Rahman

Umesh Aggarwal
India. 2014. 60 min. Biography.

Venue :  Spanish Film Institute
31 may Sunday.  19.30

Allah-Rakha Rahman has the honour of single-handedly catapulting Indian Film Music on to the world stage.
Considered one of the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine, his prolific body of work, over 120 film scores worldwide – at last count – in a career spanning two decades, makes him one of the world’s all-time top selling recording artists. The Film explores the evolution of his style of music – a fusion of Eastern sensibilities
and Western technology. Through various turning points in his life and significant milestones, the Film celebrates an Indian icon who is no less than a global phenomenon.
Spanning across Los Angeles, London, Chennai and Bombay, the Film brings to its viewers, a hitherto unseen and unheard narrative of one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known.

Umesh Aggarwal

Umesh has been producing and directing television shows and documentary films for almost twenty years. His show Kiran – Joy of Giving, on Doordarshan, has won the Indian Telly Award a record five times and the Indian Television Academy Award twice. His films have been screened and awarded at various national and international film festivals. His film on pesticides in bottled water and soft drinks, The Whistle Blowers, for PSBT, won the National Award for Best Investigative Film. More recently, Brokering News, his film on paid news, also for PSBT, was awarded the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism, in 2014.

Short Films

Films selected for Imagineindia 2022 (Not completed)

Lili Alone (Zou Jing) China

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Arthur Cahn) France

The Secret of Cassandre (Lionel Arazi) France

My Dear Corpses (German Golub) Estonia

Desire (Hansraj Arya) India

Report (Twiinkle Saaj, Sarjun KM) India

The Way We Are (Nihit Bhave) India

Water Demon (Bikramjit Gupta) India

Raavi (Jasmine Kaur Roy) India

The Daughter (Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas) India

The Sea Calls For Me (Tumpal Tampubolon) Indonesia

A Winner (Mehdi Mahaei) Iran

Silence Again (Mohammad Kamal Alavi) Iran

A Dead Sea (Nahd Bashier) Israel

Holy Son (Aliosha Massine) Italy

Warm Lake (Aruan Anartayev) Kazakhstan

Salvador Dali (Eldiar Madakim) Kyrgystan

Have a Nice Day Forever (Tatiana Delaunay) Norway

Friend (Andrey Svetlov) Russia, Belarus

Plumber (Anna Ozar, Pavel Emelin) Russia

I Always Lost My Gloves (Natalia Belova) Russia

Promises (Lana Vlady) Russia

On The Second Floor (Marco Araujo) Spain

Seabreaker (Eloy Domínguez Serén) Spain

A Night in the Cósmico (Luis de Val, Diego Herrero) Spain

Plastic Dream (Merve Bozcu) Turkey

Lifeline (Abdullah Sahin) Turkey

Coming Out… (Naman Gupta) USA

Films selected for Imagineindia 2021

Out of Time (Delphine Montagne) France

An Irrelevant Dialogue (Moinak Guho) India (SRFTI)

A Monsoon Date (Tanuja Chandra) India

Pilibhit (Ashutosh Chaturvedi, Pankaj Mavchi) India

The Girl with Red Ribbon (Franziska Schönenberger / Jayakrishnan Subramanian) India, Germany

The Miniaturist of Junagadh (Kaushal Oza) India

Broken Frames (Ram Kamal Mukherjee) India

Sonsi (Savita Singh) India

The White Whale (Amir Mehran) Iran

Like in Mycono (Alessandro Porzio) Italy

NHA Mila (Denise Fernandes) Portugal

Letter of Forgiveness (Alina Serban) Romania

Toxic (Valeri Baklanov) Russia

You Are Here (Olkhan Abulov) Russia

Glad to See You (Vladimir Golovnev) Russia

Zeitnot (Varvara Faer) Russia

Soup (Inga Sukhorukova) Russia

The Dependents (Alexandra Orekhova) Russia

Gujiga (Sunjha Kim) South Korea, Germany

Sergi and Irina (Miquel Verd, Álex Tejedor) Spain

I Never Left You Alone (Mireia Noguera) Spain

Ca Nostra (Laia Foguet) Spain

Attack (Roberto Chinet) Spain

Black Bass (Rakesh Narwani) Spain

Casiopea (Fernando Manso) Spain

Black Wool (Elisabet Terri) Spain

Dona (Marga Meliá) Spain

Coque (Miguel Ángel Faura, Juanma Falcón) Spain

The Bonfire (Carlos Saiz) Spain

Cru Raw (David Oesch) Switzerland

Return (Selman Deniz) Turkey

Topanga (Aycil Yeltan) Turkey

Blood and Glory (Satinder Kaur) USA

American Anomie (Shahriar Azim) USA

Lemon Cake (Sepideh Khosrowjah) USA

The Unseen River (Pham Ngoc Lan) Vietnam

Films selected for Imagineindia 2020

The Diver (Michael Leonard, Jamie Helmer)  Australia

Troll Bridge (Daniel Knight)  Australia

Precious (Irfan Avdic)  Bosnia Herzegovina

She Runs (Qiu Yang)  China

Mama (Vladimir Kott)  Estonia

The Egg and the Thieving Pie (Lola B. Higgins)  Great Britain

Vader (Isabel Lamberti)  Holland

Ellipsis (Raunaq Das, Abhirup Halder)  India

Hope (Partha Sarathi Manna)  India

The Talking Plow (Jayaraj)  India

The Song we Sang (Aarti Neharsh)  India

Kamali (Sasha Rainbow)  Great Britain, India

Motherhood (Kirti Singh)  India. (SRFTI)

Meal (Abhiroop Basu)  India

U for Usha (Rohan Kanawade)  India

Steam (Harsh Hudda)  India

Sunny Side Upar (Vijayeta Kumar)  India

Aapke Aa Jane Se (Shiladitya Bora)  India

Nooreh (Ashish Pandey)  India

Halwa (Gayatri Bajpai / Nirav Bhakta)  India

Metamorphosis (Rajdeep Paul / Sarmistha Maiti)  India

Miss Man (Tathagata Ghosh)  India

Driving Lessons (Marziyeh Riahi)  Iran

Dog (Hesam Salehbeig) Iran

Still (Anis Naseri) Iran

Her Wish (Yukiko Mishima)  Japan

Give Up The Ghost (Zain Duraie)  Jordan

Mother (Aleksandr Myskin)  Russia

Dummy (Nikita Vlasov)  Russia

Bagatelle (Daniel Levin)  Russia, USA

Window (Evgeniy Milykh)  Russia

Mthunzi (Tebogo Malebogo)  South Africa

Women at Sunset (Nuria Rubió Domingo)  Spain

Get Ready With Me (Jonatan Etzler)  Sweden

Stay Awake, Be Ready (Pham Thien An)  Vietnam

Films selected for Imagineindia 2019

3 Year 3 month Retreat (Dechen Zangmo)  Bhutan

Into the Blue (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic)  Croatia

Aakrosh (Princy Pal)  India. (SRFTI)

Bhagavati (Aakash Nagraj Yankannavar)  India. (SRFTI)

Boundary (Gaurav Puri)  India. (SRFTI)

A Glow Worm in a Jungle (Ramana Dumpala)  India. (FTII)

A Letter to Home (Mukul Haloi)  India. (FTII)

Palaayan (Madahav Chandra Sai)  India. (FTII)

Ghayta (Pratik Girish Bhoyar)  India. (FTII)

Bebaak (Shazia Iqbal)  India

Written By? (Kankana Chakraborty)  India

Let some clouds float in (Mayuresh Gotkhindikar)  India

The Peanut Seller (Etienne Sievers) India / Germany

Tara versus (Ayesha Anna Ninan)  India

Shame (Anusha Bose)  India

An Essay of The Rain (Nagraj Manjule)  India

Gadhul (Ganesh Shelar)  India

Malai (Sarmistha Maiti, Rajdeep Paul)  India

The Lovers (Preeti Singh)  India

Burning (V. S. Sanoj)  India

I, Reborn (Manoj Michigan)  India

Manicure (Arman Fayyaz)  Iran

Soap and Water (Francesco Cocco)  Spain

Rag Doll (Roberto Montalbo)  Spain

Donde no puedes llegar (Marc Nadal)  Spain

I have nothing to say (Liang Ying)  Taiwan / Hong Kong

Storyteller (Anil Güldogan)  Turkey

Graduation Year 97 (Pavlo Ostrikov)  Ukraine

GURU DUTT (Classic among the classics)


BAAZI  (1951)
AAR PAAR  (1954)
MR. & MRS. 55  (1955)

These films will be shown in June 2015 at Spanish Film Institute.


Considered to be a man ahead of his time, Guru Dutt was one of the greatest icon of commercial Indian cinema. Although he made less than 50 films during his lifetime, they are believed to be the best to come from Bollywood’s Golden Age. They are known both for their ability to reach out to the common man and for their artistic and lyrical content, and they went on to become trendsetters that have influenced Bollywood ever since. But for all his genius, there was a shroud of tragedy that overshadowed his career and life.

Continue reading GURU DUTT (Classic among the classics)


Guru Dutt
Cast : Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Kalpana Kartik
India. 1951. 143 min. Drama. Musical.

Venue :

Spanish Film Institute
3,  21  June

Madan comes from a poor family background. Unable to find employment, he takes to gambling in a big way. He makes a lot of money, and decides to open a gambling den, where he makes even more money. He meets with sophisticated and cultured Dr. Rajani, and both are attracted to each other. But Rajani’s dad does not approve of Madan nor of his background, and would prefer that Rajani marry Inspector Ramesh. Rejected, Madan meets with vivacious and outgoing Meena, and romances her. Then Inspector Ramesh arrests Madan and imprisons him for the murder of Meena, who was killed with a revolver with Madan’s fingerprints on it.


Guru Dutt
Cast : Shyama, Guru Dutt, Jagdish Sethi
India. 1954. 146 min. Romance. Musical.

Venue :

Spanish Film Institute
7,  23  June

Kalu is a taxi-driver in Bombay. He has two women who love him and would like to marry him. Kalu first wants to establish himself, and become rich, before he can even think of marriage. One of the women who loves him, has a father who is involved in gangster-type activities, and would like Kalu also to join him so that he can get rich soon. Kalu has now to decide to become rich quick or sleep better.

MR & MRS 55

MR & MRS 55
Guru Dutt
Cast : Madhubala, Guru Dutt, Lalita Pawar
India. 1955. 157 min. Romance. Musical.

Venue :

Spanish Film Institute
9,  25  June

A young, naive heiress, in custody of a martinet and flamingly feminist aunt is forced into a ‘marriage of convenience’ with an unemployed cartoonist in an attempt to save her millions – a move orchestrated by the scheming aunt. However, in the course of her ostensibly married life, she learns the true meaning of marriage and the deep significance of being an Indian wife, much to the dismay of her aunt, who, in adherence to her wayward beliefs, has been trying to instill every kind of anti-male sentiment in her niece’s ingenuous mind.

Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam

Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
Guru Dutt
Cast : Meena Kumari, Guru Dutt, Rehman
India. 1962. 152 min. Drama. Musical.

Venue :

Spanish Film Institute
13,  24  June

A Zamindar neglects his wife and prefers the company of alcohol and dancing girls. The decadence of the Bengali Zamindar milieu and the raising bourgeoisie in the late 19th century, seen through the eyes of a young upward mobile rustic seeking fortune in Calcutta, and fascinated by the lady of the house.