Spring on Zarechnaya Street (Marlene Khutsiyev) Russia

Spring on Zarechnaya Street
Marlene Khutsiyev
Russia.  96 min.  1956

The film takes place in the 1950s in a small working village, where the graduate of a pedagogical institute Tatiana Levchenko (Nina Ivanova) arrives. In the city department of education she receives a referral to an evening school. She is to teach Russian language and literature at the school for the working youth.

An old friend of Tatiana – engineer of a metallurgical plant Nikolay Krushenkov (Gennadi Yukhtin) helps Tanya rent a room and get acquainted with future students. At school Tatiana Sergeyevna becomes a class teacher of the eighth grade, in which Alexander Savchenko (Nikolai Rybnikov) is enrolled — smelter, udarnik, joker and the favorite of factory girls. Sasha immediately likes the new teacher and in order to attract her attention, he habitually tries to talk and flirt with her, even during the lessons.


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Marlen Martynovich Khutsiev (4 October 1925 – 19 March 2019) was a Georgian-born Soviet and Russian filmmaker best known for his cult films from the 1960s, which include I Am Twenty and July Rain. He was named a People’s Artist of the USSR in 1986.