I, reborn (Manoj Michigan) India

I, Reborn
Manoj Michigan
India, 20′, 2018

I Reborn, a short silent without dialogues, opens a window to the world of an undertaker/dom who lives in isolation with his aged father in the backwaters of the Bay of Bengal. He carries on his duties as a son taking care of his immobile father breathing through his existence. His father observes his son continuing his own vocation, that of a medium that gives death its destination, cremating the departed relatives of the villagers nearby. Suddenly, one day, life enters their cocooned world in the form of a baby that gives a completely alien perspective to their outlooks. The cycle of life and death takes on a new meaning when a familiar face of a woman, who had aroused his inner craving for his own family, arrives as an abandoned corpse at his doorstep. I Reborn, is the awakening, rising, dying and the re-awakening of this eternal universal cycle that we all invariably travel on.


Death as a subject has always fascinated me. I had always wanted to make a silent film on death as of life’s ultimate truth – the truth that rekindles the breath of life again. What was difficult was to formulate the screenplay and convey the relationship between father and son – pointing out the nuances, the role-play, the emotions, the anger, the joy and ultimately the realisation the end and the beginning. Thanks to my producers , my entire team of friends and technicians that this dream was realised. They worked with practically minimal budget without any demands , and passionately made it their own film. This is their film.


Manoj Michigan is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter and producer
who works in the Bengali film industry. He is best known for penning and directing films like Hello Kolkata and 89, the latter of which he also produced. Other notable film credits as a writer-director include Damadol and the thriller Aami Joy Chatterjee.
His 2019 release includes Tritio Adhyay.