Shades of Melancholy (Karash Zhanyshov) Kyrgystan

Shades of Melancholy
Karash Zhanyshov
Kyrgystan. 2022. 20 min

Baizak and Meerim grew up in the same village, and then both moved to the city. But this city draws in the girl, and one day she disappears. Baizak, in love with Meerim, embarks on a quest.


He was born in 1994 in Oş, Kyrgyzstan. He graduated read in 2012 Kyrgyzstan-Turkey “Manas” University of Radio Television and Cinema department of Communication faculty until 2017. After graduating from university, he continues to work as a cameraman, editor and director in the film field.


In search of a happy life, most people immigrate to other countries or move to big cities. How does it feel to be away from your loved ones and native places, and how challenging is it? Do they find happiness and well-being after reaching financial prosperity? Real life, difficult destinies, events that give rise to such questions, inspired me to create such a film.