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Clinton (Prithviraj Das Gupta) India

Prithviraj Das Gupta
India. 2021. 28 min

On one winter Sunday, all the students of a boarding school in Kalimpong, go for a school outing. Clinton has to stay back along with the other punished students because he is too embarrassed to admit that he has no pocket money. He hasn’t eaten anything since morning and he is hungry. He goes to the canteen and asks for half a plate of momos. But the canteen owner refuses to give him food since his father hasn’t paid the dues for the last six months. Clinton tries all possible ways to get something to eat, but he fails and feels helpless.
At that point, Roxy, the class bully, tries to take advantage of the situation and threatens Clinton to give his hard earned cricket champion trophy. Clinton refuses as his love for the trophy is immense, but Roxy won’t stop tormenting him. Eventually, Clinton reaches his tipping point and fights back and escapes. Although he manages to escape, his hunger has grown and become unbearable. This is when he meets Dichen Palden, the new girl.


Prithviraj Das Gupta is an Indian filmmaker. A graduate from Delhi University, he was instrumental in setting up the film making society, ‘First Cut’ in the campus. He started making documentaries when he associated with India Tribal Care operating in Northeast India. His films delve into the socio-economic tapestry of the Indian life.
“GREEN BLACKBERRIES” is his first mid length feature film as a director and writer. The film has been named in the list of the best children’s films of 2020 by Kidz Cinema, helmed by UNESCO and was showcased at Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) and 51st International Film Festival of India in Indian Panorama Section. It won the special mention award at Art House Asia 2021. The film has been acquired by the popular American Media company Soleil Space.
He has made 6 short films, 2 feature films and directed several digital films and branded content for clients like Star Sports, Sterling Holidays, ICICI Bank, Ceat Tyres, TVS, 99 Pancakes. He has also produced Promotional films & trailers for OTTs like Docubay, Zee-5, Epic On, Amazon Prime, Jio Studios, Hotstar.



Leber (Shervineh Didaneh) Iran

Shervineh Didaneh
Iran. 2023. 20 min

Yaghma is afflicted by Leber (Leber is a Hereditary optical disease that all children inherit from the mother) and is getting more blurred day by day and she is on the verge of absolute blindness. She hides her disease from her husband because she believes in miracle and her hopes for getting better, but When immigrating to Germany, she realized that she will soon lose her sight and she spent her remaining days in doubt about telling or not telling the truth to her love.

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On Xerxes Throne (Evi Kalogiropoulou) Greece

On Xerxes Throne
Evi Kalogiropoulou
Greece. 2022. 16 min

A dystopian workplace at the Perama shipyard. A ban on physical contact has turned human interaction into otherworldly simulations. The suppression of touch has alienated the workers communication transforming the boatyard into a charged landscape of alienation and repressed sensuality beyond stereotypical heteronormative desires. According to local legend, the Persian King Xerxes watched the overwhelming defeat of his fleet from his throne on the rocky peaks of Mount Egaleo, in today’s Perama.

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Tria (Giulia Grandinetti) Italy

Giulia Grandinetti
Italy. 2022. 17 min

In a dystopian Rome, a law is enforced which doesn’t allow immigrant families to have more than three children. If a fourth is to be expected, he or she must be born, however, one of them must then be killed, giving the females priority for sacrifice. Zoe, Iris and Clio are three sisters, but one of them will soon be killed…

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Yet Another Winter (Kiran Shrestha) Nepal

Yet Another Winter
Kiran Shrestha
Nepal. 2021. 22 min

Hoping her deaf daughter RADHA(5) might be able to hear and speak, YASODHA (25) her faithful mother visits the Shaman in the nearby village. As per ritual, Shaman tells Yasodha to go to the temple located in the heart of the capital city. Following her faith, Yasodha tries to convince her husband and even her neighboring sister but they refuse to accompany her. Hence, she leaves towards the city along with her daughter.
Upon reaching the temple, Yasodha learns about another Mata Temple where she has to lock her daughter until she utters a word. Yasodha follows the ritual and locks Radha inside the temple eagerly waiting for her to speak.

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