Wheels on the Bus (Surya Shahi) Nepal

Wheels on the Bus
Surya Shahi
Nepal. 2022. 16 min

After being bullied into making iron wheels for his upper-caste peers, BHYAL (12), a lower caste blacksmith, and his friend LABA (11) are compelled to steal iron from the village to make the wheels. At Bhyal workshops, the boys work through the night and fall asleep. Laba’s father finds his son asleep with Bhyal.
Outraged at this sight, he calls the village religious chief to purify his son. With the entire village gathered, the village chief purifies Laba and passes judgment on Bhyal.


Surya Shahi received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) and a BA in International Studies from Elon University, USA (2018). Since graduating, he has been in Nepal building a school and a hostel in his home region of Humla, where Wheels on the Bus was shot. He also works part time as an acting teacher at Oscar International College of Film Studies in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Surya worked on a Nepali short film A Curious Girl ( 2017) as a casting director, acting coach and an assistant director. He was the creative producer and actor for the musical short titled Rato Talo (2019). He also worked as an acting coach on the short film FILAM (2020). He is currently working on his second short film The Curtain.