Yet Another Winter (Kiran Shrestha) Nepal

Yet Another Winter
Kiran Shrestha
Nepal. 2021. 22 min

Hoping her deaf daughter RADHA(5) might be able to hear and speak, YASODHA (25) her faithful mother visits the Shaman in the nearby village. As per ritual, Shaman tells Yasodha to go to the temple located in the heart of the capital city. Following her faith, Yasodha tries to convince her husband and even her neighboring sister but they refuse to accompany her. Hence, she leaves towards the city along with her daughter.
Upon reaching the temple, Yasodha learns about another Mata Temple where she has to lock her daughter until she utters a word. Yasodha follows the ritual and locks Radha inside the temple eagerly waiting for her to speak.


With more than half a decade-long experience in Film Editing, Kiran is a self-taught, independent, and promising filmmaker from Nepal, who has now turned into a writer and director as well. He has worked in various indie films as a Film Editor and Assistant Director; which has been successful to travel to many prestigious festivals like Berlinale, Venice, Toronto, Busan, and many others. He is also an Alumnus of Busan AFA (2018) and Berlinale Talents (2019). “Yet Another Winter” is his short directorial debut.