Warm Lake (Aruan Anartayev) Kazakhstan

Warm Lake
Aruan Anartayev
Kazkhstan. 2021. 26 min

In a village on a shore of a warm lake, a local boy and a visiting girl from the boarding house meet each other. Teenagers spend the long southern summer exploring the coast, while the girl’s parents in the rooms of the boarding house decide whether their family will stay together.


Film director, producer and script writer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Aruan graduated the course of director Darezhan Omirbayev in 2015, and as an observer visited the lessons of documentary laboratory of Vladimir Tyulkin in Almaty.
Aruan graduated Boris Yuhananov’s Studio of individual direction (MIR 5) in Moscow, where he participated in plays on the scene of Electrotheatre Stanislavsky as a part of the project Orphic games. His first study film called Tauba (2016) is a great attempt to create narration close to a conditional idiom. Aruan managed to confront the Broken windows theory, which finds the connection in all crimes, whereas his short film shows an opposite side – the consequences of good intention to overcome apathy.
Aruan directed several documentary and feature short films. One of his films, Nostalgia seller (2017) – about a seller on the flea market who has been selling junk all his life and dreamed of suddenly getting rich, was selected to participate in Umut festival in Bishkek.
Since 2017 Aruan working as an executive producer at documentary film studio Tihiy Svet in Almaty.
Tihiy Svet documentary studio produces films that are socially impactful and creates documentary content for informational campaigns of underreported but socially important topics and events. As an producer he was lead the production of several social documentary projects. His major project at this position was FACE THE MUSIC (2019) –full-length documentary, that follows the protests against concerts of a local band Ninety One in Kazakhstan.
Film was premiered at DMZ international documentary film festival.


Tauba (2015)
Nostalgia seller (2016)
Bailanys (2017)
A train of health (2020) doc
Warm lake 2021