Odh Gohri (Rochna Kumar) UK, India

Odh Gohri
Rochna Kumar
UK, India. 2021. 16 min

Dulari, lives her life through the choices of a patriarchal society. She suffers at the hands of her own people as they consider her to be an incarnation of evil-witch. Her family, her own people fail to fathom her and their minds are clouded with ‘others’ opinion. Are family relations so fragile? Does patriarchy takes away her voice ? Witch hunting, a myth, is an old practice continuing to control women’s agency. Odh Gohri is a manifestation of how superstitions can engulf people and make both love and family fragile concepts.


Rochna Kumar is a writer, director and producer based in Lucknow, India. She completed her Masters in Filmmaking from London Film School in 2020. After completion of her bachelor’s from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay in 2015, she worked for UNICEF prior to her stint at London Film School.

During her time in London Film School and after, she has worked on multiple short film projects in various departments to enrich overall experience in filmmaking. She is passionate about looking for potent nodes in the interconnected web of superstition, modernity, religion and nature-culture continuum.