Missing Days (Ekta Mittal) India

Missing Days
Ekta Mittal
India.  2020.  25 min

A film about missing days from the calendar; of missing people who left to faraway cities for work. Guided by Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s birha poetry, Gumnaam Din explores the yearnings of the missing and their loved ones who wait endlessly. Will they be found? Do they want to return? The Film observes separation as an inevitable everyday practice.


Ekta Mittal co-founded Maraa, a media and arts collective in Bangalore, and works there as practitioner, researcher, curator and facilitator around issues of gender, labour and caste in rural and urban contexts, making films around labour, migration and cities. Her films project on migration is titled Behind the Tinsheets. Ekta also works with creative practices in the public space, through independent production and collaborations with other artists.






Rickshawala (Ram Kamal Mukherjee) India

Ram Kamal Mukherjee
India.  2020.  48 min

Rickshawala is a tribute to great master Bimol Roy,s masterpiece Do Bigha Zameen and Roland Joffe’s The City Of Joy. The hundred year old traditional vehicle of Kolkata that has been declared illegal by supreme court is breathing its last breath in the by lanes of the city. The film depicts the pathos, love and human bond through the two wheeler that keeps the city alive.


Ram Kamal Mukherjee born in North Kolkata. He developed an interest in actress Hema Malini after watching her films.  When his father Jaydeb Mukherjee realized that he had an interest in writing, he encouraged Ram to write a ‘letter to the editor’ on his favourite topic (Hema Malini) to Screen (now Hotstar). The letter, and a subsequent one, was published in the newspaper and led to the start of a career as a freelance journalist in 1995. Mukherjee graduated in Media and Film Studies at the University of Calcutta. After the period working for Screen, he was appointed as the sub editor for The Asian Age in Kolkata in 2001. He was appointed as the official journalist for Kolkata Film Festival. In 2003, he moved to Mumbai, where he became a Senior Correspondent at Stardust magazine.

Ram Kamal Mukherjee is best known for Hema Malini – Diva Unveiled, an unofficial biography which was published in 2005.  





A Man Without Shadow (Alireza Raisian)

A Man without Shadow
Alireza Raisian
Iran.  2019.  90 min

Mahan is a documentary filmmaker. When he makes a documentary about an honor killing, his film is rejected by the broadcaster and he consequently gets fired. He feels his personal life is in danger, especially when he is threatened by the victim’s family. To help Mahan, his wife Sayeh finds a good job in a big company. Sayeh goes to Spain with her boss to sign a big deal, but she disappears upon her return.


Born in 1955 in Tehran, Alireza Raissian is best known for his debut feature film REYHANEH, represented in festivals of Montreal, Torino, Nantes and Berlin in early nineties. Graduated from College of Television, he began his professional career as scriptwriter and assistant director. His second film JOURNEY, based on a screenplay by Abbas Kiarostami, was shown in San Sebastian, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and London. The film DESERTED STATION won the Best Actress award in Montreal IFF. His last three films HAVANA FILE, LOVE AT FORTY and TIME TO LOVE also took part in many international festivals.




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Telling the Stories Beyond the Silver Posters of Satyajit Ray

By Piu Mahapatra. Read full article on Silhouette

Posters are an extension of movies. In a pre-digital world, they were the precursors to come first in public view, not the trailers that cloud the youtube sky like today. Satyajit Ray, a visual artist of immense caliber was particular that the posters of his films remained refreshing and different from the disappointingly dull and monotonous bandwagon. In this article, Piu Mahapatra delves in deep to see how some of these posters, when considered in pairs, whisper a story to each other.

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Behind India, a look through their social movements (Fernando Vera) Spain

Behind India, a look through their social movements
Fernando Vera Moreno
Spain.  2018.  77 min

This film shows the struggles, often invisible, of activists and anonymous women like our protagonist Santoshi, who are not satisfied with being silent witnesses of the violation of their rights and the deterioration of the environment.



Fernando Vera Moreno (Zaragoza, España, 12/09/1975). Formed in the Bigas Luna Film Workshop, the New York Film Academy and different courses in script, direction and production. Diploma in Teaching by the University of Zaragoza.  Audiovisual producer with more than 15 years of experience in management and production teams.  Experience for more than four years in the preparation and implementation of educational programs that take the cinema as a pedagogical tool in different schools, both in primary and secondary. Responsible for award-winning short films inside and outside of Spain, launch campaigns for brands nationwide and several institutional documentaries.



Behind India. Una mirada desde sus movimientos sociales (2018 ...


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The song we sang (Aarti Neharsh) India

The Song We Sang
Aarti Neharsh
India.  2020.  21 min

The quiet city of Ahmedabad comes alive during the nine nights of Navratri- a dance festival celebrated across India.  Krishna, an economist questioning certain choices she’s made in her life, meets Alia, a friend’s cousin from Delhi.  A plate of sweet-spicy golgappas and a song leads to more and the two women decide to ditch the loud Navratri event and walk the city,  carrying conversations about love, home, religion, fears, falling for each other as the night grows.  However, every choice made is another choice forgone, leading to a different reality- a reality where this night might not have happened.

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Interview with Achal Mishra (Gamak Ghar)


Achal Mishra’s potent debut “Gamak Ghar” won the Manish Acharya Award for New Voices in Indian Cinema at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star 2019, deservedly so. He has successfully emerged as an interesting voice in the independent Indian cinema with his first feature that harmonizes itself with the stories about us or the stories attached to us by reflecting the transformation of the events of the present to the bittersweet memories of the future. In our interview with Achal Mishra, we asked the young passionate mind to deconstruct his perspective on one of the best Indian films of the year so far and understand his approach to the craft, as well as his inspirations. Continue reading Interview with Achal Mishra (Gamak Ghar)