Interview with Wai Lun Kwok. Participant at Imagineindia 2018

Interview done by Imagineindia at Warsaw Film Festival 2017

Yesterday it took place the screening of your film in this festival with subsequent Q&A. How can you rate the experience?

Basically, it was fine. I’d like audience to have talked more about the film (not about its production and political obstacles), but in the beginning the audience hadn’t been very talkative, not very eager. Continue reading Interview with Wai Lun Kwok. Participant at Imagineindia 2018

The Lesson (Hugo Gómez) Spain. Imagineindia 2018

The Lesson
Hugo Gómez
Spain. 2017. 13 min

Javier is a prestigious executive with a life full of luxury and money. He takes decisions that contribute to poverty and exploitation of families that that seem numbers for him. Everything will change when Oscar appears and give him a lesson he will never forget.


Hugo Gómez has forged his career as crew member in different audiovisual productions. After directing his first short film in 35 mm. (The Postman, 2005), began to work as production crew on different commercial shootings until he joined Spanish tv series El Comisario, between years 2006 and 2009. While, in parallel, he participated in- different TV movies like La Piel Azul (2009) or Yo soy el solitario (2008) as assistant director. Repeating on Valencian series L’alqueria Blanca, as well as different web series. In addi- tion, he used to continue writing short and feature film screenplays, as well as directing Después (2010) or El regalito (2015), his last short film until La Lección (2017).


Line Up Shorts :

Moonga (Nilesh Kumar) India. Imagineindia 2018

Nilesh Kumar
India. 2017. 15 min

Moonga is an a short of sweet nostalgia, Jagdish a local boy of Chandoli migrated with his family for better prospects few yearas ago to city. After his fathers death he now runs a businessn which is in debts.
He considers selling his familial house to take care of his debts.
He comes back to his village for transactional purpose but ends up having a transformational experience if the form of his friendship with Govind and lost love Moonga…
Jagdish is trapped in an ethical and emotional dilemma, his choice between his nostalgia and future aspirations will decide Moongas fate.


Student of FTII, Nilesh Kumar has directed 3 short films for this institution. Hajime, Nirmala and the participant at Imagineindia 2018, Moonga.


Nilesh Kumar :

The Step (Mohamed Hossam El Din) Italy. Imagineindia 2018

The Step
Mohamed Hossam El Din
Italy. 2017. 15 min

Nadine; an Italian teenager who was born in Rome to an immigrant couple. While making her audition to become a ballet dancer of one of Rome’s prestigious theaters, she faces a harsh situation; being obligated to choose between keeping a symbol of her personal identity and realizing her life’s dream.



Mohamed Hossam El Din :

Nada (Adel Ahmed Yehia) Egypt. Imagineindia 2018

Adel Ahmed Yehia
Egypt. 2017. 25 min

One intertwined story examine the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all as humans, love. Among the characters explored, based on true story, Nada ( Mai El Gheity) a pretty deaf ballerina who loves life and has a passion for dancing but her disabilities didnt get in her way but it comes for the first time when she tries to express her feelings towards her colleague Omar (Amir), a blind guy who also has a passion for playing the piano. Will both disabilities be a barrier of communication or will they find a way to express their feelings for each other ? Their final performance will reveal it all.


Adel Ahmed Yehia is a young egyptian film director, he graduated from the cinema institution in egypt. Adel started his cinematic career as an assistant director in 2010 during his studies he worked in several series and movie and in 2013 he directed his first documentary as a project in the high cinema institute and in 2017 he started his first short fiction “Nada “.


Adel Ahmed Yehia :

Probably (Gaurav Madan) India. Imagineindia 2018

Gaurav Madan.
India. 2017. 23 min

The government is acquiring thousands of hectares of farmland to build a highway. Farmers are questioning the need. Most are agitating quietly, but some are threatening to commit suicide. This is the story of a farmer, Vinoba, who decides to take an extreme action, but not take his own life. There is a rebellion brewing in his subconscious. Will it come to the fore?


Gaurav Madan did his Masters in Communication Studies from DMCS, University of Pune. After assisting Shashank Ghosh (Quick Gun Murugun) and Raja Menon (Barah Aana) he started working as a freelance ad film director. Gaurav has produced and directed over 200 TV and digital commercials and has his own Ad Production firm Last Joker Pictures based in Mumbai. In 2014, one of Gaurav’s feature film scripts ‘Shaktipur Crude’ was a part of prestigious Sundance script lab. Gaurav is currently in the process of making his maiden feature film.


I have always been disturbed by the perception people have of farmers. They are perceived as destitute, inferior, luckless and powerless. Even in our cinema we have repeatedly shown farmers with the above-mentioned characteristics.

I wanted to tell this story in order to shake that perception if not change it. It was my utmost desire to show farmers in a different light, a world where they aren’t weak and unchallenging. Farmers are skillful and their abilities aren’t limited to sowing and harvesting. If need be they can fight with the same sickle they cut crop with. I believe there is a rebellion simmering in every farmer’s subconscious and this film is my effort to show that revolt and the doom it can spell upon those who take farmers for granted.

This film can be a baby step in cultivating a belief in farmers:

“We weren’t born to hang ourselves!”


Gaurav Madan :