The Lesson (Hugo Gómez) Spain. Imagineindia 2018

The Lesson
Hugo Gómez
Spain. 2017. 13 min

Javier is a prestigious executive with a life full of luxury and money. He takes decisions that contribute to poverty and exploitation of families that that seem numbers for him. Everything will change when Oscar appears and give him a lesson he will never forget.


Hugo Gómez has forged his career as crew member in different audiovisual productions. After directing his first short film in 35 mm. (The Postman, 2005), began to work as production crew on different commercial shootings until he joined Spanish tv series El Comisario, between years 2006 and 2009. While, in parallel, he participated in- different TV movies like La Piel Azul (2009) or Yo soy el solitario (2008) as assistant director. Repeating on Valencian series L’alqueria Blanca, as well as different web series. In addi- tion, he used to continue writing short and feature film screenplays, as well as directing Después (2010) or El regalito (2015), his last short film until La Lección (2017).


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