Moonga (Nilesh Kumar) India. Imagineindia 2018

Nilesh Kumar
India. 2017. 15 min

Moonga is an a short of sweet nostalgia, Jagdish a local boy of Chandoli migrated with his family for better prospects few yearas ago to city. After his fathers death he now runs a businessn which is in debts.
He considers selling his familial house to take care of his debts.
He comes back to his village for transactional purpose but ends up having a transformational experience if the form of his friendship with Govind and lost love Moonga…
Jagdish is trapped in an ethical and emotional dilemma, his choice between his nostalgia and future aspirations will decide Moongas fate.


Student of FTII, Nilesh Kumar has directed 3 short films for this institution. Hajime, Nirmala and the participant at Imagineindia 2018, Moonga.


Nilesh Kumar :