Nada (Adel Ahmed Yehia) Egypt. Imagineindia 2018

Adel Ahmed Yehia
Egypt. 2017. 25 min

One intertwined story examine the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all as humans, love. Among the characters explored, based on true story, Nada ( Mai El Gheity) a pretty deaf ballerina who loves life and has a passion for dancing but her disabilities didnt get in her way but it comes for the first time when she tries to express her feelings towards her colleague Omar (Amir), a blind guy who also has a passion for playing the piano. Will both disabilities be a barrier of communication or will they find a way to express their feelings for each other ? Their final performance will reveal it all.


Adel Ahmed Yehia is a young egyptian film director, he graduated from the cinema institution in egypt. Adel started his cinematic career as an assistant director in 2010 during his studies he worked in several series and movie and in 2013 he directed his first documentary as a project in the high cinema institute and in 2017 he started his first short fiction “Nada “.


Adel Ahmed Yehia :