Probably (Gaurav Madan) India. Imagineindia 2018

Gaurav Madan.
India. 2017. 23 min

The government is acquiring thousands of hectares of farmland to build a highway. Farmers are questioning the need. Most are agitating quietly, but some are threatening to commit suicide. This is the story of a farmer, Vinoba, who decides to take an extreme action, but not take his own life. There is a rebellion brewing in his subconscious. Will it come to the fore?


Gaurav Madan did his Masters in Communication Studies from DMCS, University of Pune. After assisting Shashank Ghosh (Quick Gun Murugun) and Raja Menon (Barah Aana) he started working as a freelance ad film director. Gaurav has produced and directed over 200 TV and digital commercials and has his own Ad Production firm Last Joker Pictures based in Mumbai. In 2014, one of Gaurav’s feature film scripts ‘Shaktipur Crude’ was a part of prestigious Sundance script lab. Gaurav is currently in the process of making his maiden feature film.


I have always been disturbed by the perception people have of farmers. They are perceived as destitute, inferior, luckless and powerless. Even in our cinema we have repeatedly shown farmers with the above-mentioned characteristics.

I wanted to tell this story in order to shake that perception if not change it. It was my utmost desire to show farmers in a different light, a world where they aren’t weak and unchallenging. Farmers are skillful and their abilities aren’t limited to sowing and harvesting. If need be they can fight with the same sickle they cut crop with. I believe there is a rebellion simmering in every farmer’s subconscious and this film is my effort to show that revolt and the doom it can spell upon those who take farmers for granted.

This film can be a baby step in cultivating a belief in farmers:

“We weren’t born to hang ourselves!”


Gaurav Madan :