The End (Jiri Volek)

The End (Jiri Volek) Czech Republic                                                                           27 min.  2016

Mara, an exemplary factory worker and father of two is striving for a better life for his family. His efforts are derailed by his brother-in-law Paja, a hopeless teenager roped into the football hooligan life by his girlfriend, Dana. When Mara’s wife asks him to tag along with Paja at a football match, he has no idea that his life is about to change. In an unexpected turn of events, Mara gets in.


Jiri Volek was born in Kolin, Czech republic, right next to the grocery store from Forman’s Black Peter. He studied architecture and graphic design in Prague and later on he started his film studies at FAMU with Vera Chytilova as his mentor. In 2010 he shot the movie “Bastards” about growing aggression among teenagers and the thin line between foolish pranks of boredom and pathological violence.

In 2012 he made his movie “Open Call” that was nominated for the Best Student Film at Cesky lev national film awards. This movie is a bitter sweet summer story about two girlfriends stranded in a carousel of questionable castings for young girl models. Jiri is also an author of a very successful chapter “Flag Bearers” in the project “Tribes 0” where he reveals the onset of the british hooligan “illness” during 1970’s. He also shot a television adaptation of this chapter for Czech television.

With his currently finished movie “The End” he won Czech television’s competition “The Accelerator“ selecting the most ambitious scripts from all Czech film schools for future co-production.

Jiří Volek



The End / 2016
Open Call / 2012
Rays Of Death / 2012
This Is The End / 2011
Bastards / 2010
Anticorra / 2009
Way Back / 2007


Tomas Smrcek | Punch
+420 737 411 965

Amir & Sara (Jalal Hussaini)

Amir & Sara (Jalal Hussaini) Afganistan                                                                 11 min. 2014

Amir and Sara live a normal life together. Amir goes to work and comes back home every day until he has an accident that forces him to open his eyes… Only to find out that everyone around him live with theirs closed.


Jalal Hussaini had studied cinema in Kabul University. He started by
editing for other students and his first short film was ANGELS OF
EARTH earned many awards inside the country. Jalal’s short films got selected in many festivals and residences worldwide, including
the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Asian film academy in South

In 2014 AMIR & SARA got selected in Clermont Ferrand in France and then he decided to go to Germany  and start a new life.


2017 My Brother Is Coming Back
2014 Amir and Sara
2012 The Outpost
2010 1988-2010
2010 In The Name of Opium
2010 Parenthesis
2009 Angels of Earth


Tora Bora Media

Red light (Toma Waszarow) Bulgaria

Red Light (Toma Waszarow)  Bulgaria                                                                     2017. 22 min

In a small village, a bus stops at the only intersection, where the traffic light is stuck on red. The bus driver, refuses to move forward which provokes a conflict with the passengers and the local law enforcement. A story about the funny side of apathy, selfishness, and loneliness in a world where following the rules is a misunderstanding.


Toma Waszarow is a director, producer and editor. Founder of production and distribution company – REVO FILMS, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Studied Film and TV Directing at SW University, Bulgaria. Participated at Berlinale Talent Campus, Sarajevo Talent Campus, TOSMI, How to Say It.
His director’s debut THE KISS is 1 minute short, selected to more than 40 festivals, 5 times awarded and was seen by more than 13 millions of viewers in YouTube.
In 2015 and 2016 Toma Waszarow was awarded by the Bulgarian Film Academy as the best film editor for editing the feature film SINKING OF SOZOPOL.





Production company:
Revo films Ltd.
ul. Buzludzha 43/2
1463 Sofia

Kurli (Natesh Hegde) Imagineindia 2018

Kurli                                                                                                                                               Natesh Hegde                                                                                                                       India. 2017. 17 min

Siddi Subba steals banana in his landlord’s farm where he works as a servant. His three children go to catch crabs in the same farm, then the landlord and his son realized that some one stolen banana within their periphery when they found bunch of banana hidden in a pit. One of the Siddi Subba’s son accused as culprit. Father is not accepting his own guilt he committed, accused child is unaware of the situation.


Born and brought up in kottalli a small village in Western ghats of karnataka India. Studied postgraduation in journalism under karnataka University Dharwad.
Written short story in kannada language and published them in leading newspaper and magazine of karnataka.
Made two short films. Kurli is the first short film.



Production Company :  Kadalivana Chitra (India)                                             Ph: 9480014236

Kajal (Paakhi A Tyrewala) Imagineindia 2018

Kajal (Paakhi A Tyrewala) India                                                                                   20 min. 2017

Like all elements, humans have a saturation point. What happens when a woman – constantly bullied by her boss, harassed by strangers and abused by her husband – finds an abandoned package one night?
A package that holds an answer to all her demons. A package that triggers an inner change in her the moment that she lays eyes on it.
Kohl captures a turning point in the life of a woman, in a world claimed by men.



Paakhi A Tyrewala is a writer turned director from the Indian Film Industry. Having started her career in films as a child artist at a young age of two and a half years age, deep in heart she knew she belonged to cinema. She has been through a long and interesting journey of exploring various departments in the industry while being behind as well as in front of the camera.

Her first shot at direction was a song she directed in ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. Recently, she has been in the news for the success of her directorial short ‘Kajal’ – a film about Women’s right to be.
The film had its world premiere at the New York Indian Film Festival and later had an Indian premiere in Mumbai. The film has already been selected/screened at few other prestigious film festivals across the world.
Paakhi’s directorial feature ‘Pahuna’ will also be out in theatres in the next few months.
Currently under post, Pahuna is the journey of three kids from Nepal who get separated from their parents and find a home for themselves in the beautiful Indian state of Sikkim. The film has been made in Nepali, a language unknown to Paakhi; proving her to be a fearless filmmaker.
Paakhi has three films credited to her as a writer and acted as the lead in two. She is associated with the Art of Living for over 10 years and it has given her a unique perspective of the world view.


Siddharth Jain
Kohl (Kajal)
Phone: +91 95295 06814

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