Kurli (Natesh Hegde) Imagineindia 2018

Kurli                                                                                                                                               Natesh Hegde                                                                                                                       India. 2017. 17 min

Siddi Subba steals banana in his landlord’s farm where he works as a servant. His three children go to catch crabs in the same farm, then the landlord and his son realized that some one stolen banana within their periphery when they found bunch of banana hidden in a pit. One of the Siddi Subba’s son accused as culprit. Father is not accepting his own guilt he committed, accused child is unaware of the situation.


Born and brought up in kottalli a small village in Western ghats of karnataka India. Studied postgraduation in journalism under karnataka University Dharwad.
Written short story in kannada language and published them in leading newspaper and magazine of karnataka.
Made two short films. Kurli is the first short film.



Production Company :  Kadalivana Chitra (India)                                             Ph: 9480014236