The End (Jiri Volek)

The End (Jiri Volek) Czech Republic                                                                           27 min.  2016

Mara, an exemplary factory worker and father of two is striving for a better life for his family. His efforts are derailed by his brother-in-law Paja, a hopeless teenager roped into the football hooligan life by his girlfriend, Dana. When Mara’s wife asks him to tag along with Paja at a football match, he has no idea that his life is about to change. In an unexpected turn of events, Mara gets in.


Jiri Volek was born in Kolin, Czech republic, right next to the grocery store from Forman’s Black Peter. He studied architecture and graphic design in Prague and later on he started his film studies at FAMU with Vera Chytilova as his mentor. In 2010 he shot the movie “Bastards” about growing aggression among teenagers and the thin line between foolish pranks of boredom and pathological violence.

In 2012 he made his movie “Open Call” that was nominated for the Best Student Film at Cesky lev national film awards. This movie is a bitter sweet summer story about two girlfriends stranded in a carousel of questionable castings for young girl models. Jiri is also an author of a very successful chapter “Flag Bearers” in the project “Tribes 0” where he reveals the onset of the british hooligan “illness” during 1970’s. He also shot a television adaptation of this chapter for Czech television.

With his currently finished movie “The End” he won Czech television’s competition “The Accelerator“ selecting the most ambitious scripts from all Czech film schools for future co-production.

Jiří Volek



The End / 2016
Open Call / 2012
Rays Of Death / 2012
This Is The End / 2011
Bastards / 2010
Anticorra / 2009
Way Back / 2007


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