Amir & Sara (Jalal Hussaini)

Amir & Sara (Jalal Hussaini) Afganistan                                                                 11 min. 2014

Amir and Sara live a normal life together. Amir goes to work and comes back home every day until he has an accident that forces him to open his eyes… Only to find out that everyone around him live with theirs closed.


Jalal Hussaini had studied cinema in Kabul University. He started by
editing for other students and his first short film was ANGELS OF
EARTH earned many awards inside the country. Jalal’s short films got selected in many festivals and residences worldwide, including
the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Asian film academy in South

In 2014 AMIR & SARA got selected in Clermont Ferrand in France and then he decided to go to Germany  and start a new life.


2017 My Brother Is Coming Back
2014 Amir and Sara
2012 The Outpost
2010 1988-2010
2010 In The Name of Opium
2010 Parenthesis
2009 Angels of Earth


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