Graveyard of Horses (Xiaoxuan Jiang) China

Graveyard of Horses
Xiaoxuan Jiang
China, USA. 2022. 17 min

A frigid winter on the Mongolian steppe, an untimely snowstorm aggravated the lives of a pregnant herder and her 8-year-old daughter: the missing flock of sheep, the unborn child, the absent husband, traces of wolves…… everything led the mother and daughter to places they’ve never been.


Xiaoxuan Jiang is an ethnic Manchurian filmmaker born and raised in Inner Mongolia, China. Her works explore themes of femininity, animals, nature, and mysticism in the Inner Mongolian and global context. In 2020, she received her BFA summa cum laude in Film from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Her latest narrative short “Graveyard of Horses”(2022) was officially selected for prestigious festivals such as FIAPF-accredited A category film festival Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and SXSW(South by Southwest) Film Festival, and won NETPAC Award at the Busan International Short Film Festival and Bronze Dinosaur Award at Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival.