The Sunlit Place (Zhang Qin) China

The Sunlit Place
Zhang Qin
China. 2022. 25 min

A female journalist who is obsessed with “the truth” finally learns to accept her weakness after experiencing a career downfall and a fight with her mom.


Zhang Qin, writer and director, was born in 1998 and is now a graduate student in Film (screenwriting/directing) at Columbia University in the City of New York. The Sunlit Place is her debut short film as writer and director.


The mother-daughter relationship is too close to bear any secrets. When daughter comes back to live with her mother after so many years away from home, they test and hurt each other when they attempt to probe into each other’s unspeakable secrets. I intended to record this period of life in this house to present their conflicts and intimacy, dwelling on women’s duty and nature of life.