Together, Alone (Kasim Ordek) Turkey

Together, Alone
Kasim Ordek
Turkey. 2022. 20 min

Young couple, Sevgi and Doğan, who make a living by stealing cars in the ghettos of Istanbul, steal a car with foreign license plates during the most tense period of their relationship. However, “this”stolen car will take The events revolving around lies and fear force them to face some truths about their love, their values, or lack of, and their choices.


He shot his first short film “Shoehorn” in 2017. With this film, his directorial career began. In 2019, his second short film “I’m Raining on the City”, supported by the Ministry of Culture, was a finalist in many national and international film festivals and won some awards. His last short film “Together, Alone”, which won the TRT 12 PUNTO short film production award in 2021, had its world premiere at the 28th Sarajevo film festival in 2022.


Together, Alone – 2022
l’m Raining Down İnto The City – 2019
Shoehorn – 2018