The Rat (Zhantemir Baimukhamedov) Kazakhstan

The Rat
Zhantemir Baimukhamedov
Kazakhstan. 2021. 28 min

Upon his release, Saken does not know where to go. He has no family, no home, his friends are either dead or gone in different directions. He decides to go to the city to find any kind of “workhouse” and lodging.
At a flea market, Saken meets an intelligent woman named Anna, who helps him with lodging – a room in the administrative building of a former factory. Saken settles in, but he is not alone there, he has a neighbor, the music-loving rat Lyusya.


The most charismatic showman of Kazakhstan, TV presenter, musician, director, owner of Jantik Show company and world famous orchestra.
He was born on January 30, 1973, in Almaty. Kazakhstani singer, composer, choreographer, actor and director. Since childhood he was surrounded by his favorite records of Elvis Presley, music of such bands as Beatles, Rolling Stones and many other English musicians, who immortalized themselves in rock-n-roll epoch.