The Secret of Cassandre (Lionel Arazi) France

The Secret of Cassandre
Lionel Arazi
France. 2021. 12 min

Cassandre, a 6-year-old girl, is hospitalized because she is “different”. From her bedroom to the lingerie, through the corridors, she walks between her imagination and reality
With poetry and visual metaphor, this short film addresses the way we look at difference … How the five fingers of the hand question the relativity of the concept of normality: and if in this world having five fingers is an abnormality?
Should we accept the differences or erase them? What weight do the views of others have on our decisions and actions? These are the main issues of the film that Cassandre and her parents must answer.


Director of 6 short films and documentaries, he won a dozen awards and almost 105 festival selections for “Le secret de Cassandre” produced by the G.R.E.C.
He has also worked on a hundred fictions and documentaries, assisting many directors: Jean Rouch, Jean-Pierre Limousin, Julie Bertuccelli, Chris Marker, Chantal Akermann, Pedro Costa, etc.