May You Stay Forever Young (Rex Ren, Lam Sum) Hong Kong

May You Stay Forever Young
Rex Ren, Lam Sum
Hong Kong. 2021. 86 min

In June, 2019, a series of massive demonstrations against the Hong Kong government’s attempt to revise and pass the Extradition Law led to a chain of suicides by young protesters to validate their opposition. The story takes place on 28th July, a week after the white mob attack in Yuen Long. YY, a 17-year-old girl, announced her attempt to end her life on Instagram. After that, she couldn’t be contacted or located.

Nam, the 20-year-old “comrade” she met after a protest-related arrest, and amongst others, frantically searched for her around Kwai Tsing district where she lived. Her photo and other information were posted on Telegram and LIHKG Forum, resulting in hundreds of volunteers joining the search. It’s a run against time. emotionally exhausting hunt, she was finally located in Mongkok, the busiest area populated by young people. Meanwhile, on the island side, protesters are confronting the fully armed riot police. Yet, it becomes a dilemma for those who are still searching for YY.


Rex graduated from the School of Film & Television at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Directing. He won the Best Director Award with Even Ants Strife for Survival at the 12th Fresh Wave International Short Film Competition and Gold Award at the 23rd Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards. He was Fruit CHAN’s scriptwriter and assistant director before working for Andy LAU’s Infinitus Films as Creative Team Supervisor. In 2018, he won the grand prize with A Life of Papers at the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion meeting. He is also the founder of Equal Write Union Hong Kong.


Born in Hong Kong. Lam is an independent short film and documentary filmmaker graduated from School of Film and TV, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, specialising in directing. Lam is also a social movement activist and his works mostly focus on social issues. Lam is also a video freelancer and as a film production tutor in several schools and colleges.