Remembering Mashi (Marco Hüsler) Germany

Remembering Mashi
Marco Hüsler
Germany. 2021. 12 min

Mashi is cooking joy, hot piping Masala Chai, for the people of Kolkata. It seems the world there doesn’t go around without having a break at her small tea stall once a day.


Marco Hülser was born 1992 in Hamburg and gained his “Abitur” in 2011. After a voluntary service in Tamil Nadu (India), Marco studied Motion Pictures at the Hochschule Darmstadt, which he completed in 2016. During this he directed the short film “Zusammen Allein” which was nominated at several festivals. Mid-2015, he started to work on his first documentary “Masala Chai”, which got premiered in Toronto 2017. Since beginning of 2018 he is working on his first feature film and other short films.


We shot this portrait of Nandarani, also called Mashi, in 2016 but never completed the project until 2021. The lockdown finally gave us the opportunity to rediscover a small treasure saved on one of our many hard drives. The film is all about observing Nandarani who is following her daily routine of preparing chai for locals. It reminds us once more that beauty is found in small things, and you don’t need much to have a life full of peace and harmony. Mashi died s few month after we completed the shooting in 2016. We are grateful for spending time together with Mashi at her tea stall. There is no specific time for tea but there is always tea for time.


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