I Always Lost My Gloves (Natalia Belova) Russia

I Always Lost My Gloves
Natalia Belova
Russia. 2021. 6 min

A couple who do not understand each other finds themselves in the world of a haiku written by a girl. When the heroes go back, reality changes.


Natalia was born and raised in Moscow 31 years ago. For 17 years she has been studying the art of the sounding word and literary creation. She graduated from the faculty of television journalism, because she dreamed of television, and the law academy, because she fell in love with a graduate student. She worked as a screenwriter and director in the field of public events, theatrical performances, and stadium art shows. As a producer she shot TV series, short films and advertisements for big brands. Such a varied and interesting experience made it possible to create a story, assemble a team and make a debut film.