My Dear Corpses (German Golub) Estonia

My Dear Corpses
German Golub
Estonia. 2021. 34 min

Unexpectedly evicted from his house, Erki faces a rather difficult task to take care of his lonely mother. He’s forced to agree to become a corpse carrier. But the situation is about to get a whole lot worse, when Erki meets his new colleague for whom it’s just another day in the field.


Director and writer German Golub was born in Estonian – Russian family 3 February 1993 in Pärnu, South of Estonia. Film director studied in Baltic Film and Media School, Directing feature BA Film Arts. Throughout a short career, he directed multiple short feature films and short documental films, one of them in China. Identifying himself as Estonian and European, but having direct access to West and East cultures. Both sided investigation of the cultural treasures strongly influenced and dualized his perception, understanding, and perspective of view on the world around him.


“My dear corpses” is a short movie that mainly focuses on death, but this film is about those who are still living. It investigates what’s mostly hidden from our sight in tragicomic form, which allows the viewer to think, even just for a second, if there is a possibility to live a full life without knowing what death really is.