Pedro Hernández, Jury President at Imagineindia 2021

Pedro Hernández Santos, founder and producer at Aquí y Allí Films, an independent production company founded in 2010, begins his cinematographic career betting on auteur cinema with international potential, paying special attention to new talents.

With his first production, “Here And There” (2011), he won, together with Antonio Méndez Esparza, the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critic at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. In 2014 he won the Golden and Silver Shell at San Sebastian Film Festival for “Magical Girl” and in 2016 he was appointed as the Spanish representative in Producers on the Move (European Film Promotion).

“Life & Nothing More” (2017) was awarded with the John Cassavetes Award at the Film Independent Spirit Awards and was the first spanish producer who won this award.

Recently, he has produced two debuts: ”Boi” (2019) by Jorge M. Fontana, which was acquired by Netflix worldwide and “The Queen of the Lizards” (2020) from the promising filmmakers Burnin’ Percebes. His first documentary film, “Courtroom 3H” (2020), competed in San Sebastián International Film Festival.

This 2021, he prepares “Mantícora” (Carlos Vermut), “Madrid is it” (Antonio Méndez Esparza) and will premiere “Counting Sheep”, José Corral Llorente’s debut film, starring Eneko Sagardoy, Natalia de Molina and Juan Grandinetti.

He is currently developing Pau Teixidor, Sonia Méndez, Jorge M. Fontana and Burnin ’Percebes next projects.

NHA Mila (Denise Fernandes) Portugal, Switzerland

NHA Mila
Denise Fernandes
Portugal / Switzerland. 2020. 18 min

After 14 years away from her homeland, Salomé is forced to return to Cape Verde to see her dying brother. During her stopover at Lisbon airport, Águeda a cleaning lady recognizes Salomé as “Mila”, her childhood friend. Águeda invites Salomé to leave the airport and spend the stopover at her home, with the women of her family. The neighborhood transports her on a spiritual journey, whose destination unfurls a painful bond with her homeland.

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Daniel´16 (Dimitris Koutsiabasakos) Greece. Official Section

Dimitris Koutsiabasakos
Greece. 2020. 100 min

Daniel, a German teenager, is sent to Greece, in a juvenile offender community, to serve his sentence. There, in an abandoned village of Evros river area, near the border with Turkey, he experiences unprecedented emotions and has to solve difficult dilemmas… His final decision will surprise everyone.


Dimitris Koutsiabasakos studied Movie and TV Direction at the Gerasimov Institute of cinematography, in Moscow, Russia (V.G.I.K.). He directed documentaries, serials, short and feature films for television and feature films. His works have been recognized with numerous national and international awards.
Ηe has been teaching Film Acting Technique in Drama Schools, among them the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. Ηe was a lecturer in the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean and film director in the Hellenic Brodcasting Corporation, ERT S.A.
In 2018 he was elected to the position of associate professor of Film Directing at the School of Film Studies in the Art Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


2020: Daniel ’16, Fiction
2020: The weavers, documentary
2019: Heracles, Acheloos and Mesochora, documentary
2017: “Yannis Kastritsis-The man and his shadow”, documentary
2016: “Silent Witness” – documentary
2014: “Becoming an actor” – documentary
2013: “The Grocer” – documentary
2006: “The Guardian’s Son” – fiction
1998: “Hill 33”, fiction


The controling idea of Daniel ’16 is that “taking care of someone can heal you from never having been taken care of”.
That what’s happens to Daniel, the young protagonist of the movie. We watch the difficult and painful path to his redemption, which despite the adversity, he brings it to an end with courage and boldness.
His journey defies languages, nationality and borders. It is a trial that is personal and at the same time universal.



Letter of Foregiveness (Alina Serban) Romania

Letter of Forgiveness
Alina Serban
Romania. 2020. 15 min

In the household of a wealthy Romanian noblewoman in 1855, Maria, a Roma-Gipsy slave, fights to obtain freedom for her son Dinca. Based on a true story of a Roma mother and son whose life changed the course of Romanian history by bringing about the abolition of slavery sooner. Part of a future full-length project, the short film presents a day in the household in which Maria and her son, Dinca, serve as slaves. As important guests arrive for dinner and all the slaves are making preparations, Maria and her son see this day as a chance to take a step to change their fate.

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Cru Raw (David Oesch) Switzerland

Cru Raw
David Oesch
Switzerland. 2020. 10 min

Full of hope, diligence and hunger for more, Jeanne, a young chef from a good family, starts her job in a Michelin star restaurant. To rise up in the brutal pecking order, she has to impress her merciless Chef de Cuisine which results in a war of differences in- and outside of the kitchen.


Born 1992 in Thun, Switzerland- he started working in 2012 as a freelance journalist and photographer for local newspapers and continued to do so also for television. Since 2015 he studies filmmaking at the Zurich University of the Arts. In 2019, he released three successful short films and won the Student Visionary Award at Tribeca Film Festival in 2020.
He is now writing his first feature LÜGNER! with co-author Remo Rickenbacher. A genre film about lies as an infectious disease.


We watch in awe as chefs of the highest caliber compete against each other on shows such as Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Cooking is a form of art based on excess. But what happens behind the scenes? Chefs are pushed to their extremes in a pressure cooker of an environment. Where the warmth of heat lamps cast bright lights on the food and shadows fall on the tired faces.



Radio Silence (Juliana Fanjul) Switzerland, Mexico

Radio Silence
Juliana Fanjul
Switzerland / Mexico. 2020. 78 min

March 2015, due to political pressure and false pretenses, Carmen Aristegui, the main voice of independent journalism in Mexico, is fired with her team from the MVS Radio station. The next day more than 200,000 people demonstrate and sign a petition calling for her return on air and the end of censorship. Despite this exceptional mobilization, the station does not give way.

Who is this woman behind famous Mexican journalist? How did she become a popular figure of resistance and freedom of expression in Mexico? Who are her main enemies? Why is she still alive when dozens of her colleagues have been murdered in recent years and months? Does she find herself trapped in a role she did not want to endorse?

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Gloves Off (N. Natour/U. Okpalaoka) USA

Gloves Off
Nadine Natour / Ugonna Okpalaoka
USA. 2020. 15 min

Gloves Off follows the story of a young police officer who suits up and protects her community by day, then laces up and defends her undefeated boxing champion title by night. As she carves her own path in two male-dominated arenas, the film follows the people she fights for most: the residents on her patrol, her Florida hometown, and young boxers just like her.

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The Dependents (Alexandra Orekhova) Russia

The Dependents
Alexandra Orekhova
Russia. 2020. 25 min

A common lonely elderly man Zotov is broke and he has to beg for alms from a wealthy shopkeeper. The shopkeeper, wishing to get rid of the annoying man, advises Zotov to go to his distant relative who is obliged to take care of him since she is going to inherit his house. Zotov is ready to go, but what about his pets?

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