Cru Raw (David Oesch) Switzerland

Cru Raw
David Oesch
Switzerland. 2020. 10 min

Full of hope, diligence and hunger for more, Jeanne, a young chef from a good family, starts her job in a Michelin star restaurant. To rise up in the brutal pecking order, she has to impress her merciless Chef de Cuisine which results in a war of differences in- and outside of the kitchen.


Born 1992 in Thun, Switzerland- he started working in 2012 as a freelance journalist and photographer for local newspapers and continued to do so also for television. Since 2015 he studies filmmaking at the Zurich University of the Arts. In 2019, he released three successful short films and won the Student Visionary Award at Tribeca Film Festival in 2020.
He is now writing his first feature LÜGNER! with co-author Remo Rickenbacher. A genre film about lies as an infectious disease.


We watch in awe as chefs of the highest caliber compete against each other on shows such as Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Cooking is a form of art based on excess. But what happens behind the scenes? Chefs are pushed to their extremes in a pressure cooker of an environment. Where the warmth of heat lamps cast bright lights on the food and shadows fall on the tired faces.