Blindfold (Taras Dron) Ukraine. Official Section

Taras Dron
Ukraine. 2020. 105 min

The war in Eastern Ukraine has ended, and the country is trying to return to regular life. So is Yulia, a 25-year-old professional MMA fighter. She has been waiting a long time for her fiancé Denys to return from the war. He is now presumed dead. Yulia is dealing with the trauma from the loss of her boyfriend. She also feels pressured by the people around her to keep living in endless mourning “for the war hero”. She is young and wants to open a new chapter in her life. She wants to escape from everything old and familiar. That is when Denys’s mother receives a dubious text message saying that her son was found alive and urgently needs money for a surgery that will save his life. They have one night to find the money. Yulia has to decide what she believes and what she really needs.


Ukrainian film director, producer and screenwriter, born in 1980. He studied information security at the Faculty of Automatics of the Lviv Polytechnic National University and film directing at the Lodz Film School. Founder and owner of a film and video production studio and equipment rental, Nord Production. He has worked as a film director, music video director and commercials director in Ukraine, France and Poland. “Blindfold” is his second feature film.

Director’s filmography

2020 Blindfold
2018 DZIDZIO. First time
2016 Black Mountain (short)
2015 Ostap (short doc)
2013 Touch and see (short)