Charcoal (Esmaeel Monsef) Iran. OffIcial Section

Esmaeel Monsef
Iran. 2019. 90 min

In rural northwest Iran, Gheirat, a modest charcoal producer, is pushed into a tragic spiral after his son, sentenced to jail, evades to Azerbaijan.

The story is set in a village in Azerbaijan, focusing on a family deep into some financial crisis. Yashar, son of the family is on parole for her sister’s wedding.


Born in 1976 in Ardebil, Esmaeel Monsef studied cinema. He has directed three short films: Oyan (2010), Under the Colors (2012), Tears (2015) which were presented at Clermont Ferrand France, Teluride USA, Leeds England, Winterthur Switzerland Film Festival. As an editor he has worked on feature films such as, A Minor Leap Down, Without Borders and also documentaries such as I Want to be a King, Wining, The Rock and Slowness.



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