The Talking Plow (Jayaraj) India

The Talking Plow
India.  2019.  14 min

A short film based on Ponkunnam Varkey’s short story, of the same title, The Talking Plow narrates a heart-warming tale about a farmer and his ox Kannan,  who he treats as kin.


Bhayanakam (Jayaraj) India |

Jayaraj is an Indian director working predominantly in the Malayalam film Industry.  He is a 7 time recipient of the National Film Award and several State Film Awards as well.  His notable films include Desadanam, Kaliyattam, Karunam, Shantham, Daivanamathil, Vellapokkathil, Ottaal, Veeram and Bhayanakam.


Jayaraj :